Honeymoon, Part 3

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Saturday morning Rosanna and I woke up for breakfast and a quick room pack up. We had plans to hit Costco for food and water (beer!) before we started the drive to Villa Las Frailes. Check out went smoothly and all of the meals and drinks charged to the room were in order except one. Hint- always always ALWAYS keep your room charge receipts! With the car packed and the AC blasting we scampered away from SolMar, waved to our time share lady and headed north to Costco.

Yes, I said Costco. It looked EXACTLY THE SAME. Same layout, same items, same low prices and same 5 gallon jugs of mustard. It was fantastic. We stocked up on Bottled water, XX beer, diet coke and then headed to Wal-Mart

Again, yes, I said Wal-mart but this time it was different than the ones in the states, this was MUCH better. They had people constantly cleaning the aisles, the workers were friendly and it had a HUGE fresh food section. The only thing that kept us from buying more than we did was the tiny little rental car and Brian’s impatience wanting to hit the road.

With the car full of food, people and gas we headed up Highway 1. A narrow, twisty and fast road with memorials from those who lost there lives on it strewn every 10-15 kilometers. Probably from the truckers as they FLEW down the road passing everyone in their path, turn or not. We made the turn to head east on a road that took us through some small villages, fruit orchards and dessert and then the road ended. It was gone, all that was left was a twisty, hilly dirt path that we had to travel for 30 kilometers. We weren’t alone as we were passed by caravan of off-road vehicles, probably on their way to the mountain for rock driving. It was barren and beautiful, huge cacti and either a shack or a palace around every turn and just as the directions say, just when you think you are truly lost you arrive and so we did.

The door to the Villa was open when we got there, no one was there but I am sure they were expecting us soon. It was amazing! It sits right on the Sea of Cortez with a small mountain on the left and nothing but beach to the right. A small sitting pool joined to a swimming pool on the patio courtyard surrounded by 4 bedrooms and anchored to a large living area and kitchen. All power is supplied by the solar panels on the roof or a generator at night and is so quiet. The Caretaker, Solomon, greeted us an hour later and he is very wonderful. If we needed anything at all.. ANYTHING just ask. ATV, Kayaks, the boat,… it was all up to us. After a quick tour he disappeared and Rosanna and I did what we came here for… Nothing. A dip in the pool, a walk through the water and some shelf hunting followed by a few drinks and dinner. As the sun set on our first day Rosanna set on the patio, scrubbing her shells and I had my feet in the pool, drink in hand listening to the surf.

Sunday Solomon brought us the ATV and after a cooling dip in the pool and a sprint down to the surf, Rosanna and I grabbed the kite , jumped on the ATV and headed down south. After 15-20 minutes of driving we came to a rock formation that was just BEGGING to be climbed on so out came the kite and camera. We did misjudge the power of the waves and a few crashed about the height of Ro’s head, which made for great shots but a little scary for Brian. Heading back we passed the villa and drove around south by the mountain by some small shacks used for surfers and fishermen. When we got back we escaped inside for some lunch and to get away from the heat followed by an intense game of water polo in the pool. Ro scored first but I came back with a vengeance. Little did she know, I put my feet down a couple times to block her shots, I mean, come on… I’m not gonna get beat by a girl! As the sun fell, we grabbed our flashlights and waited for darkness to surround us as we wanted to go see the turtles hatch on the beach. While we didn’t get to see any baby turtles we did see all kinds of crabs, shelled or not, poking their little heads out of their holes and scampering either down to the beach or just away from our flashlights. Fast little critters! It was all fun until one ran straight for Rosanna, over her feet, waved its claws and “plopped” right into the water. Straight out of a damn Disney movie.

Here I sit Monday morning after waking up early to watch the sunrise and making us coffee, realizing that I’m typing away on a laptop when I should be out playing in the water. We plan on taking the kayaks out by the mountain. And cruising around the bay.

Oh- Jack Johnson never made any sense to me,…until now.

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