Honeymoon, Part 4

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Yesterday was by far the hottest day since we have been out here. I measure by my “Sweat and Breathing” factor, which is, if I am sitting in the shade under a fan and sweat is dripping off my face and I’m having a hard time breathing, it’s damn hot.


Rosanna loves it. She sat out on the patio for a lot of the day, while I was restricted to the indoors, trying to catch the breeze off of the water. After a grilled sausage lunch, we threw on our life jackets and grabbed the double kayak. We broke through the first series of waves and we were off, our paddles flailing through the water trying to fight the swells which for some reason did NOT look as big from shore. Suddenly we realized that we picked the WRONG time to kayak! As we turned around, the swells grabbed our beem and pushed us north towards a hard break I told Rosanna to just try and keep the nose straight and to lean back, the waves shot us toward land, launching Rosanna out of the kayak and pulling me back out, then forcing it back over the top of her and missing her head by about a foot. What an adventure. The two of us hiked back – boat, paddles and life vests in hand, with a lesson learned. “Kayak When It’s Flat”.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing cards and putting a puzzle together (Ro did must of the puzzle, I just sat and watched) and then as the sun started to set, we went out and walked the surf, played in the waves and drove the ATV over to the mountain and back.

A relaxing and death defying day all at the same time. Who could ask for anything more?


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