Honeymoon…Part 1

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Our first segment of the flight down to Mexico was pretty uneventful, with the exception of the flight attendants chattering behind me about how much the hated working the MD-80’s and couldn’t wait to get them out of Alaska’s fleet.

“They just don’t feel as safe”, she said, to her co-worker.

Great. Sure sets my mind at ease!

We arrived at LAX a little later than normal and had a few minutes to shift to our next flight and Rosanna’s head cold was starting to get the best of her. Her sinuses wouldn’t decompress and her ears didn’t pop so not only did her head hurt like crazy but she couldn’t hear a thing so either she was yelling or mumbling. Pour girl, but she fought through it like a champ and we landed safely in Cabo.

We made it through security and customs fairly quickly but were caught up in something we weren’t prepared for… the Transportation Gauntlet. Apparently, Cabo is having a little taxi and transportation upheaval right now and the taxi union is in cahoots with the time share folks. So when they asked where we were headed, I told them SolMar Resort and was quickly shuffled to a “Transportation Specialist” who’s REAL goal was to scam me out of as much money as possible for a taxi to the resort with the promise of her personally taking us to breakfast the next day and give us “guaranteed cash back” at the end of our 90 minute breakfast. Our cost for said Taxi? 1500 pesos ($150 usd).

Not only no but HELL NO. We’ll find another way.

That’s the thing… there IS no other way. So as we walked away from that lady we were snatched up by the next “Specialist” who offered us a ride for 800 pesos. Hell, fine, we took it. The 30 minute ride into town was DEATH DEFYING. Our cab driver wanted to push that thing as fast as he could and pretty much did. I told Rosanna that I now know how she feels when I drive… sorry babe. I’ll slow down from now on! Our check in went smoothly and the hospitality clerk was very understanding of the folks at the airport and promised to make up with it by paying for our return shuttle, giving us a 50% discount on all activities we book through the hotel and paying for our breakfast the next day. I felt a little relieved and Ro and I headed off to our room and proceeded to relax and we promptly passed out.

The next morning… Bells started going off in my head when we were shuttled to the Playa Grande for breakfast. We saw lines of folks in front of desks and none of them looked happy. Yup, we were snagged into a timeshare presentation. An uncomfortable breakfast, a crummy tour of the resort, the shuffle between people trained to get as much information out of you as they can before they make the place look too good to be true. You MUST BUY NOW!!!

You will be happy to know the We did NOT buy a time share. Rosanna and I finally had enough and we walked out on them. Straight out the front of the resort to the beach, took a left and shuffled through the surf down to our hotel.

At last… Our Honeymoon had begun.

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