Fitness Update-

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So, if you’ve been following the blog lately, I haven’t been riding/training/racing much.


Uhhh, yeah. not so much.

Don’t think for a second that I didn’t WANT to be on the bike. I just had a lot of really important things (plus being sick for like… a month).

I rode last Sunday after a night of drinking at Dustin’s birthday party. I was a little queezy for the whole thing and actually puked (sorry mom) at Coulon halfway through. That didn’t really count for quality miles. So what was the first day back like? Seward Park 6pm crit with no warm up.

Yup. I’m out of shape, not to mention almost 10 pounds heavier than at the Walla Walla stage race.

But I’m back, bitches. I want to get some VO2 work in so I can atleast contribute to my team before the end of this season :-). Dustin’s in the points for the LWV series so we need to back his butt up in Gig Harbor and Carnation now.

Good Luck to my boys rocking the Team Time Trial this weekend. They’ll be defending the gold from from last year-

Stay Beautiful!

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  • OK…here is input from the elderly. WARM UP!! STRETCH!! You are 30+, not 20+. If you want to keep cycling successfully for years to come, you are going to have to adjust your training accordingly. You have to allow recovery time and warm-up time. So there. The peanut gallery will now shut up. (And no fair asking when was the last time I was on a bike!)

    carrie — July 25, 2008 at 1:23 pm
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