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A Bicycle Built for Two

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It’s done. :-)

We have some things we have to get done today as well as Greg K’s 900th birthday party so no ride for us but tomorrow we’ll be taking it down to Lake WA Blvd and lighting the afterburners.

Pictures? Well… ok.




IJM.org/ Thumbprint Racing Team Ride

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What a great ride! our first IJM.org/ thumbprint racing meet and greet ride went off perfectly. A spin around Mercer then around the north end of Lake WA (with a stop into our sponsoring shop uBRDO) and then back to Leschi. Alot of the folks I already knew but meeting some folks that were excited to start this team and their enthusiasm really pumped things up for us.

I started from home so by the time I got home a hit the 72 mile mark and the lack of a breakfast was starting to set in. Thankfully I got 2 Hammer gels at uBURDO and those really came in handy.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-25 Spinergy Stealth wheels

Ride food – 1 large bottle of HEED, 1 small bottle of nuun, bag of cliff blocks and 2 hammer gells.

Breakfast – none (stupid)

What a great ride. I’m so excited for next year!!!

Critical(ly Stupid) Mass

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I’m a Cyclist.

I commute to work via bicycle sometimes, other times I drive my car.  I race and train year round as well as just go out on the two wheels for the heck of it.  I average about 250 miles a week on the bike.  Every now and then I cross paths with a driver who REALLY doesn’t want me on the road.  It happens.  But, you know, I have more problems with cars when I am DRIVING than when riding.


The reason I bring it up is because I THINK it gives me authority to say the following:

Critical Mass riders.  Listen up.  YOU ARE RETARDED

Militant cycling is NOT the way to gain drivers respect and teach them that we all need to share the road.  Blocking traffic, yelling at drivers, riding up and down the sidewalk and terrifying pedestrians is cycling terrorism.

Think about it.  You block a car, piss him off.  you think to yourself, “I showed him… bastard driver” but then 20 minutes later when that same driver is coming behind me while I’m out for a ride, they don’t see me.

They see YOU.

Now they’ll retaliate, they’ll try and get as close as they can, or throw a coke at me or maybe even worse.  I don’t want folks to be calling my emergency contact because YOU were riding for your “cause”.

Why don’t you take all of the time and energy you pour into breaking the law and pissing off drivers and give it to organizations that DO help cyclists.  Bicycle Alliance of Washington is one as well as Cascade Cycling Club, Cycle University, or any riding racing clubs involved with WSBA.  Support individuals like John Duggan, cycling attorny who fights for cyclists rights.

There are much better ways to get your point across.   Stop being stupid.

Friday Musical Interlude 8/29/08

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It was time to re-work my iPod playlist last night.  After I was done I went back and looked at my picks.  I guess I was in a mellow mood.  So here are a few of the selections-

I’m back on my Sigur Ros kick.  I seem to migrate back to them every few months depending on what is going on in my life.  I’m super excited about their new compilation from this year “Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust“.  I ordered the Deluxe Edition (and still waiting for the damn thing)

So anyway, one of my favorite tracks from them is “Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa”.  A controversial video, banned in their own country and a beautiful, beautiful song.

One of my all time favorite bands are the Smashing Pumpkins mostly for the emotion, passion and strength Billy puts into his live performances.  Here is Porcelina of the Vast Oceans (LIVE) off of the Mellon Collie album.


In 2003 we lost Elliot Smith… Beautiful voice, painful words. A tortured soul.
The Biggest Lie

You all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Stay Beautiful.

Seattle Tailwind – Womens Cycling Team

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Well holy awesome!  Seattle Tailwind, the team Rosanna started for women cyclists, has a write up in the Seattle PI Velocity cycling page.

You can check it our here.


A few weeks ago,  we had a Tailwind team party/ potluck at our house and David came and interviewed the ladies and munched down on some seriously good looking cedar plank salmon.  I gave a small mechanical clinic (basic flat repair) and sent everyone on their way.

They have around 20 members right now with women from all different athletic backgrounds and abilities.  From the blog-

The Seattle Tailwind is a women’s-only team/club with an emphasis on cycling skill development, cross training, social networking, and community volunteerism. Many of the current members are focused on training for and riding the Group Health Bike MS Ride

Great job Rosanna!  I’m super proud of your enthusiasm, talent and commitment.  In fact, I’m a little jealous!

For those of you who want more information on Tailwind, or are interested in membership, hit the “contact Brian” button at the top of this page and I can forward you on to her or, visit their weblog.


Stay Beautiful!

My FFL Draft Picks.

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Don’t think for one second that I know a thing about football.  Heck, last years draft I picked Bettis in the second round.  Yay for me.  I did, however, manage to grab second place in my 2007 league all thanks to 2 people, Tom Brady and my co-worker who pretty much did 95% of the thinking for me.


So here goes, my 2008 draft picks-



Stay Beautiful-


b-dog snizzle

I Hate You.

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To the individual(s) who broke into my Mother & Father in laws house yesterday.


Have you no soul?  I hate everything about you.  Everything.  I cannot put into words how scathingly pissed off I am right now that anyone would do such a thing to these people.  Some of the nicest and most caring folks I know, who have fought all their life through obstacles and adversity, have become victim to your evil.

I hate you.  Hate isn’t strong enough, in fact.  I despise the waste of skin that you are.

You don’t care, I know it.  Someday though, somehow, it will come back to you.  Karma is a bitch you see, and it’s going to rear it’s head and bring you to your knees.

I so hate you.

MS Bike Tour Update

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I put my goal at $1000 for this year’s fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis research and support. I didn’t realize that I would be so close to that goal by now.

For those of you who are just coming here now, A friend of mine who I haven’t really had the chance to talk to since high school lost her sister to MS just a few weeks ago. I’m riding for her this year and for her family because, well, it feels like I should. I need to.

Now I’ve done this ride before because it’s been the “right thing to do” and I have met many people with MS as I have been in and out of the MS office down in Fremont, (Rosanna works for the MS Society and runs the MS bike tour) but never had it been within the 6 degrees of separation.

Folks, this disease can inflict ANYONE. you, me, your brother, best friend, boss, co-worker… ANYONE. you know the worst thing about it? We have no idea how it picks its victims or how to cure it. We’re close though. The only good thing about Western Washington having the highest population of MS is that there is top notch support for the patient and family.

There is a way you can help. You can go here and donate. Anything, $5, $50 or $500. it all goes to a great cause and people who need it.


Again… to Leann and all those who are connected to the Goodwin family. Every push of the pedals, every ounce of my energy and every single dollar that I raise will be in Lisa’s memory.

Stay beautiful-

and thanks.

Lake Washington Velo #3, Carnation Circuit Race

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Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (q-rings) x 11-21  Ksyrium SL wheels

Course – Carnation Circuit.  I forget how many laps and I forgot to start my computer.  Duuur :-).  Almost dead flat, awful farm roads (which actually made the race exciting) and some sketchy riders.

Ride food – 2 bottles of water, bag of shot blocks (thanks Brad!)

Breakfast – 1 large bottle of exceed, bagel cream cheese and turkey


For those of you who read regularly, you know I’m out of shape.  WAY out of shape.  I ended last season at 140 pounds and weighed in last night at 169.5.  My goal lately has just been to FINISH a race since I took those two months off and really I haven’t had much luck.

From the second we started racing I felt the best I ever have.  It took every ounce of mental energy NOT to try for the sprint points halfway through.  I stayed pretty much at the front the whole time but on the last lap got caught up with a few folks in turn 3, almost put in the ditch with Ed Ewing but was able to move up at 1k.  Turn 4 came and went and I was still in the race but decided not to sprint.  Who sprints for last?  Looked behind me and saw 20-25 riders and new I was back.

Best part?  I could have gone harder. DAMN! All of the team (especially the new TPR team!) did very well.  I have probably the best teammates around.  Supportive, successful and great friends.  Great work today guys!

Best race of the year. Too bad it was the last of the season :-)

Palm Centro? Palm Centr – OH NO!

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Well, my phone kicked the bucket. It’s actually very upsetting for two resons.

  • 1. I loved the Centro.  It was everything I really wanted in a PDA/phone
  • 2. It had ALL of my contacts and files in it.  Not stored on the card mind you but in the phone memory (damn!) so I lost them too.

So this was my old phone.

See how jaunty it is? slick and happy, leaning to the side like it’s about to bust out a jig.  Oh happy days!

Notice though that palm centro does NOT come with it’s own airbag.  A re-deployable one at that.  After multiple trips to the concrete, puddles, 38 mph falls while I’m on the bike (don’t ask, mother) it finally gave up on me.  It’s gone.  EVERYTHING is gone.

I can still lean it to the side though and make it happy looking.

So I went out last night and bought its replacement.  Meet the Samsung Instinct-

It leans too. in fact, as you can see, it comes with its very own force field. It’s just what I needed!!!

Evan says it’s an iPhone rip off. yeah so… YEAH SO!

I have Sprint.   Sprint and iPhone don’t match do they?

Pretty close.  About the only thing I like better is the GPS Nav I get with the Instinct.  Which is better?  Don’t know, don’t care

Except I DO have a force field



Join the Movement… again.

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This year its personal.  Earlier this month, I learned that a friend from high school lost her sister to MS after an 11 year battle.

The MS Bike Tour

An unforgettable ride.
An unbeatable destination.
A world free of MS.

It’s time to ride again.  Last year was an amazing experience and I realized that 150 miles on a bike is nothing compared to what those suffering from MS live with EVERY DAY.


It’s time to stop it.  You can help


This year, My racing team and friends on Jet City Velo/ ByrneInvent will be riding again and looking for your support. Please, a little or a lot, whatever you can give is all we need.  It goes to an amazing organization, one which gives almost ALL of it’s donations to MS research and those who are suffering and to help the families who have lost the battle.


My team is listed here and my page can be found here. Feel free to donate under my name or one of my teammates, it all goes to the same place, to those you desperately need it.



Leann, I’m riding for Lisa this year.  Every hill I climb, every ounce of energy I give will be for her, you and your family.



-Brian P. Snyder

Keeping You On Your Toes….

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This, for some reason(whcih I won’t say why), reminds me of Cross Country in High School.

“Who wants Chowda??”


Tandem Build Update

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To avoid the heat this weekend, I spent the majority of it in my shop downstairs in the cool basement. The back door wide open, fan blowing and Tool blasting from sound system I slowly rebuilt and packed the headset, built the cockpit and threaded the cables. The old stoker stem had a small crack at the weld so I had to toss it and ordered a Control Tech adjustable that should be here in a couple of days. The rear wheel is at Recycled Cycles being spaced to 140 and dished properly and all is well.

I did notice my dad was a bit ahead of his time when he put it together so many years ago. The Stoker was a few degrees “out of phase” behind the captain so dad would come over the top just a little ahead of whoever was stoking. It could have been a mistake but I doubt it. He was a forward thinker like that. You can read more about timing phases over at Sheldon’s site.

So really I’m as far as I can go with it right now.  I’ll post pictures when it’s done, I’m pretty proud of it.  It’s got me into looking at the new Co-Motion tandems like this one.  Oh man….SEXY!

Friday Musical Interlude NWA / Eazy-E

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*** WARNING *** Explicit lyrics, Fool.

I knew if I didn’t put that my mom would click on the below video and be mortified.

I’ve never been to Compton. Never rolled up on the ‘hood, pulled a nine and busted a cap. I did however dance like Vanilla Ice when I was in Jr High and own one of the nastiest cassette tapes I could get my hands on, until my dad heard me playing it.


and for some reason, this was in my head the entire race last night…

Portland Healthnet Crit Video and Crash Recap

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Some of you have emailed me asking how Dustin is. For those who don’t know and are living under a rock, D-man broke a couple fingers in a tumble last weekend down in the Portland crit.

Did I say tumble? Really he’s lucky nothing else broke according to this video…

You can see Greg get a little roughed up too and Tony zooms on through.

Anyway, Dustin had surgery and is now wearing a mitten in 90 degree weather.

Dustin, I owe you a shot of water with a lemon.


Christmas in August… it’s Tandem Time!

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My package of goodies arrived from Excel today and I am super happy.  2 new bars, pedals, stem adapter, front and rear derallieurs, chains, bar tape, cables and a cassette all to build up the tandem for Rosanna and me.

Tandem?  What Tandem?

Back in high school (I won’t put the year down) I worked in a large shop in downtown Port Orchard selling Cannondale and Schwinn.  Over the years I (and my father) amassed a large number of two wheel adventure machines.

Let’s see if I can remember them all-

Schwinn High Sierra (dads first bike)
Schwinn Traveler (my first bike)
Schwinn Tempo (2 of them!)
Cannondale 3.0
Cannondale 2.8
Klein Performance Touring
Terry Womens
Paramount OS 50 mountain

And a Cannondale Tandem, which was ridden way more by my mom and dad as he and I had two completely different ways of riding. Dad was a big gear pusher and I liked to spin. I stood a lot and he always stayed in the saddle. I blew through stop signs and he didn’t :-)

When dad passed away, the tandem hung in the garage for ages. Dad and Mom’s Giro helmets still hung from the captain and stoker bars and it was begging to be used again. I thought it would hang there forever, untouched, that is, until I met Rosanna.

Rosanna is a kick ass cycling chick. She’s raced both road and Tri, she loves spending time on the bike so much that she started her own womens cycling club, Seattle Tailwind. I brought up the idea of riding the tandem together and she was totally stoked.  (pun intended)

So here I am now, the tandem in my shop down to bare frame. The new wheels, drivetrain, bars will be on by the end of the weekend ready to roll.

I’m gonna keep dads bell on it though. I think everyone knows why.

Commute/ Afternoon Training Ride

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Woke up early enough (4am) to hop on the bike and spin to work. it’s only about 17 miles to work so it takes an easy hour.

Morning ride is here-
View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

About 3 I left to go meet up with John N and ride around Mercer and then do some hills on the way home. It was supposed to be an easy “chat pace” ride but do they ever really stay that way? 46 miles added to my 17 in the morning.

Here is my afternoon-
View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

The second set of hills in WS really took it out of me, I was shaking by the time I got up to 35th and I was actually seeing spots when I got home. Good times, good times.

63 miles total on the day.

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

Average HR – 152
Max – 198
Low – 53

Mobile Me / Dot Mac/ Pull My @#$%^ Hair Out

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Your MobileMe Mail is currently unavailable.

We apologize for this service interruption and are working hard to resolve the problem.

For more information, please refer to System Status on the MobileMe Support Page.


God damn it!

Kirkland Criterium

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Great race, just wished I had been in better shape for it :-)

I had 2 close calls… one of them is here-

Thanks to Bill Cooper from Second Ascent for the video.

The other happend on the same corner and a Wines guy went down RIGHT in front of me. Luckily I was able to ride over the top of him (sorry!) and ended up in the bar’s eating area on the side walk.

Great crowd, perfect course and big props to my teammates for laying the smack down. Always in the action always pushing the pace and making everyone hurt Greg walked away with second third place and we put 2 or 3 more in the top 10. Brad hit the pavement (with his GOOD wheels!)with a lap to go in perfect position, feel pretty bad for him. Hell win LWV3 though, that’s all I’m sayin’

Great job to the suppoprting shop Ubrdo. Those guys were fantastic!

Weekend Update. Rain, Ride, Build and Race.

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After a quick 25 mile solo ride in and out of the drizzle, I headed downstairs to my shop and tore the Cannondale down to bare frame. I’ve wanted to move everything over to the Flyte for awhile and a lazy Saturday was the perfect opportunity. The Flyte was my emergency bike last year and a half after getting plowed into by a Volvo, snapping my old BMC and putting me in the windshield. It’s not a well known frame, the same company that made the Airborne Ti frames, and sold direct online. I actually really like it. The compact geometry and the combination of light/stiff rivals a lot of the other bikes I’ve owned over the years. Granted, it’s no Ridley or Siegler, but hey… it was easy on the wallet.

Here’s the Flyte…

It’s a great kick-around bike, and will never replace my BMC but it’s fun.

Ro and I had an easy night of steak salad and Uno, where she whooped my butt like usual. I played a little Halo while she worked on her cross stitching.

Today is another relaxing day, probably wash the cars and mow the grass before heading over to Kirkland for the crit. Now, when Rosanna and I lived in Kirkland we used to ride through the marina and everytime we did I thought that it would make a fantastic crit course. Well, now I get to see. Realistically my goal is just to finish. I have ridden twice in the past week and with little to no intensity. I’m pack fodder :-) It’ll be fun though, with a Thumb Print Racing party following.

I need to catch up with Dustin too. Turns out he crashed down in the Portland crit on Friday and broke some fingers pretty badly. Tony did well though and Greg grabbed 10th. it was supposed to be a 3 race weekend for those guys but they came home early yesterday to take care of D-man. I’m pretty sure Grg will take out the remaining aggression today as he hits the line first.

Anyone want to buy a 57 Cannondale R2000 frame? It’s in great shape… $200 obo.

Stay Beautiful-

Friday Musical Interlude – Hurra Torpedo

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This is the day I have been waiting for.   No other version of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” rocks my world like Hurra’s does especially when he takes the sledge to the stove.

Hurra Torpedo is the world’s leading kitchen appliance rock group. Since 1993 they have played for full houses all over their native Norway with their eclectic mixture of cover tunes and original material. Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, their heartbreaking version of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart is known all over the world .


Love it :-)

Can’t forget “All the Things She Said”!

And Here They Are…

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Wedding Pictures can be seen here

Wedding Pictures…

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Gabe sent us our pictures a few days ago.

No you can’t see them yet, silly, but I will give you a sneak peak into how awfuly cool we get when we toss on the tux and gown…

As soon as I get permission from my boss… errr… wife, I will put them up and post the address.

Much love goes out to Gabriel and Boone for their work. They were amazing.

Sunday Training Ride or “How We Dodged Seafair”

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Jesus H Christ.

For a city that prides itself on being “Green” there sure are a lot of people that take part in the most un-green weekend this place can possibly produce.


Jet fuel, gasoline, diesel, “who knows what just got dumped in Lake WA”

Maybe I’m just bitter because I had to climb a few extra hills since they blocked off the road. Maybe I’m just jealous because I had to bust out a 63 mile ride while all of the spectators were juicing up their liver with Keystone light. Really though, it’s a big party and I think that is pretty cool that everyone can get together and enjoy the day. If, though, I hear one more time after the thunderous roar of a blue angel comes rocking over Beacon Hill, “There’s the sound of freedom!”, I’m gonna punch them square in the nuts (or the boobs… I’ve been told I need to make my insults more equal in their address)

Anyway folks.

Hard ride today and I really needed it. I was pretty much destroyed by the time I got home. Good times with my teammates and some of my “new” teammates (more on that to come… ahem, Thumb Print Racing

took a nap while Rosanna and her two sisters had a chat out on the deck in the sun and then Ro and I busted out some yard work.

Now it’s beer time and maybe some steaks on the grill (or mystery meat hot dogs with mac and cheese… comfort food!)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Stay Beautiful-

Ride Map,
View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Catastrophic Failure. Lake Washington Velo #2 / Gig Harbor

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Saturday we packed up Dustin’s and my car and rolled to Gig Harbor fore the LWV #2/ Gig Harbor Circuit Race.  Greg was planning to go back to back with the masters A/B and then the Cat 3 race.  Well, turns out he WON the Masters A/B race so the pressure was on to put him at the line in the 3’s.

One thing I have learned over the course of this year is that there are a lot of strong threes.  Speeds are up overall, more folks are coming out and throwing down some serious power.  At the same time though it seems that (1) there are a lot of whiny bitches racing now as well as (2) people just can’t handle their damn bike.

Listen, people are going to bump into you, it’s a fact of life.  Teams are going to block and not drag the pack up to their guy in the break.  DON’T sit there and shout, go around and make the race. There is a lot of bitching out there and it really needs to stop.  You just look like a fool.


My race ended on the second lap while Brad and I were at the front hoping Greg  would get a little more distance on the pack.  As folks tried to come around us, I put a serious push to stay in the front 10 and then SNAP…  My chain flew off my bike and I racked my “man package” on the top tube as well as popping my hip a good one.  Man it hurt but I was able to keep everything upright. It was now a long walk back to the car.

So Greg caught the right break and ended up getting third and Brad, Dustin and Aaron all placed within the top 15.  Great finish for all except me of course.  Par for the season I guess.

Friday Musical Interlude…. Fooling April

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Formed in 2002 on the mean streets of Philly around a keyboard, guitar and drums, Fooling April was the “Hole in the Wall” club owners dream.  Their connection with the audience, infectious hooks and comedic lyrics drew a dedicated crowd covering the mid and upper east coast.

Who am I kidding.  I can’t write a review like Rolling Stone.  If you want to see what they think of themselves… see their website.  Then there is always the Wikipedia page.  I’m not to excited about the whole “American Idol” thing but whatever gets them noticed I guess.  Brian Kenneth rocks, as much as I don’t want him to but hey… it’s been years man, I can give you some props. 

Really though, it’s hard to ignore the talent.  They actually have FUN and I think that kicks ass.



Breaking the Skin