Friday Musical Interlude…. Fooling April

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Formed in 2002 on the mean streets of Philly around a keyboard, guitar and drums, Fooling April was the “Hole in the Wall” club owners dream.  Their connection with the audience, infectious hooks and comedic lyrics drew a dedicated crowd covering the mid and upper east coast.

Who am I kidding.  I can’t write a review like Rolling Stone.  If you want to see what they think of themselves… see their website.  Then there is always the Wikipedia page.  I’m not to excited about the whole “American Idol” thing but whatever gets them noticed I guess.  Brian Kenneth rocks, as much as I don’t want him to but hey… it’s been years man, I can give you some props. 

Really though, it’s hard to ignore the talent.  They actually have FUN and I think that kicks ass.



Breaking the Skin

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