Sunday Training Ride or “How We Dodged Seafair”

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Jesus H Christ.

For a city that prides itself on being “Green” there sure are a lot of people that take part in the most un-green weekend this place can possibly produce.


Jet fuel, gasoline, diesel, “who knows what just got dumped in Lake WA”

Maybe I’m just bitter because I had to climb a few extra hills since they blocked off the road. Maybe I’m just jealous because I had to bust out a 63 mile ride while all of the spectators were juicing up their liver with Keystone light. Really though, it’s a big party and I think that is pretty cool that everyone can get together and enjoy the day. If, though, I hear one more time after the thunderous roar of a blue angel comes rocking over Beacon Hill, “There’s the sound of freedom!”, I’m gonna punch them square in the nuts (or the boobs… I’ve been told I need to make my insults more equal in their address)

Anyway folks.

Hard ride today and I really needed it. I was pretty much destroyed by the time I got home. Good times with my teammates and some of my “new” teammates (more on that to come… ahem, Thumb Print Racing

took a nap while Rosanna and her two sisters had a chat out on the deck in the sun and then Ro and I busted out some yard work.

Now it’s beer time and maybe some steaks on the grill (or mystery meat hot dogs with mac and cheese… comfort food!)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Stay Beautiful-

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