Weekend Update. Rain, Ride, Build and Race.

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After a quick 25 mile solo ride in and out of the drizzle, I headed downstairs to my shop and tore the Cannondale down to bare frame. I’ve wanted to move everything over to the Flyte for awhile and a lazy Saturday was the perfect opportunity. The Flyte was my emergency bike last year and a half after getting plowed into by a Volvo, snapping my old BMC and putting me in the windshield. It’s not a well known frame, the same company that made the Airborne Ti frames, and sold direct online. I actually really like it. The compact geometry and the combination of light/stiff rivals a lot of the other bikes I’ve owned over the years. Granted, it’s no Ridley or Siegler, but hey… it was easy on the wallet.

Here’s the Flyte…

It’s a great kick-around bike, and will never replace my BMC but it’s fun.

Ro and I had an easy night of steak salad and Uno, where she whooped my butt like usual. I played a little Halo while she worked on her cross stitching.

Today is another relaxing day, probably wash the cars and mow the grass before heading over to Kirkland for the crit. Now, when Rosanna and I lived in Kirkland we used to ride through the marina and everytime we did I thought that it would make a fantastic crit course. Well, now I get to see. Realistically my goal is just to finish. I have ridden twice in the past week and with little to no intensity. I’m pack fodder :-) It’ll be fun though, with a Thumb Print Racing party following.

I need to catch up with Dustin too. Turns out he crashed down in the Portland crit on Friday and broke some fingers pretty badly. Tony did well though and Greg grabbed 10th. it was supposed to be a 3 race weekend for those guys but they came home early yesterday to take care of D-man. I’m pretty sure Grg will take out the remaining aggression today as he hits the line first.

Anyone want to buy a 57 Cannondale R2000 frame? It’s in great shape… $200 obo.

Stay Beautiful-

2 Responses to “Weekend Update. Rain, Ride, Build and Race.”

  • No more Cannondale? :( I liked that Cannondale. I have no idea why, I’ve obviously never ridden it..

    Rebecca — August 10, 2008 at 10:04 am
  • Cross stitching w/ tendonitis wasn’t a good combo, but ah well.
    Your crit was fast and fun to watch!

    Rosanna — August 11, 2008 at 9:41 am
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