Portland Healthnet Crit Video and Crash Recap

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Some of you have emailed me asking how Dustin is. For those who don’t know and are living under a rock, D-man broke a couple fingers in a tumble last weekend down in the Portland crit.

Did I say tumble? Really he’s lucky nothing else broke according to this video…

You can see Greg get a little roughed up too and Tony zooms on through.

Anyway, Dustin had surgery and is now wearing a mitten in 90 degree weather.

Dustin, I owe you a shot of water with a lemon.


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  • Wow, I guess this is rare case when be in front hurts.
    I’m surprised that guy who crashed first walked away.
    Dustin, speedy recovery!

    Dessa — August 15, 2008 at 6:04 pm
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