Join the Movement… again.

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This year its personal.  Earlier this month, I learned that a friend from high school lost her sister to MS after an 11 year battle.

The MS Bike Tour

An unforgettable ride.
An unbeatable destination.
A world free of MS.

It’s time to ride again.  Last year was an amazing experience and I realized that 150 miles on a bike is nothing compared to what those suffering from MS live with EVERY DAY.


It’s time to stop it.  You can help


This year, My racing team and friends on Jet City Velo/ ByrneInvent will be riding again and looking for your support. Please, a little or a lot, whatever you can give is all we need.  It goes to an amazing organization, one which gives almost ALL of it’s donations to MS research and those who are suffering and to help the families who have lost the battle.


My team is listed here and my page can be found here. Feel free to donate under my name or one of my teammates, it all goes to the same place, to those you desperately need it.



Leann, I’m riding for Lisa this year.  Every hill I climb, every ounce of energy I give will be for her, you and your family.



-Brian P. Snyder

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  • What I always love about you is the time that you’re willing to give to others. You are always thinking of friends and family, finding ways to support them and we love you for that!


    Rosanna — August 20, 2008 at 10:03 am
  • It means so much to me (and my family) that you are going to ride for my sister Lisa this year. She struggled so much with her MS and she always prayed someday for a cure. Unfortunately she left this world before it was found. But I think with more people like you, that maybe someday her prayers will be answered for all of those who are still battling this terrible disease. Thank you!

    Leann Simpson — August 21, 2008 at 7:23 am
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