Palm Centro? Palm Centr – OH NO!

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Well, my phone kicked the bucket. It’s actually very upsetting for two resons.

  • 1. I loved the Centro.  It was everything I really wanted in a PDA/phone
  • 2. It had ALL of my contacts and files in it.  Not stored on the card mind you but in the phone memory (damn!) so I lost them too.

So this was my old phone.

See how jaunty it is? slick and happy, leaning to the side like it’s about to bust out a jig.  Oh happy days!

Notice though that palm centro does NOT come with it’s own airbag.  A re-deployable one at that.  After multiple trips to the concrete, puddles, 38 mph falls while I’m on the bike (don’t ask, mother) it finally gave up on me.  It’s gone.  EVERYTHING is gone.

I can still lean it to the side though and make it happy looking.

So I went out last night and bought its replacement.  Meet the Samsung Instinct-

It leans too. in fact, as you can see, it comes with its very own force field. It’s just what I needed!!!

Evan says it’s an iPhone rip off. yeah so… YEAH SO!

I have Sprint.   Sprint and iPhone don’t match do they?

Pretty close.  About the only thing I like better is the GPS Nav I get with the Instinct.  Which is better?  Don’t know, don’t care

Except I DO have a force field



3 Responses to “Palm Centro? Palm Centr – OH NO!”

  • The force field is pretty sweet, not gonna lie.

    Rosanna — August 21, 2008 at 4:06 pm
  • I never said it was a rip off, it would have to actually be worth something before it could come close to ripping anything off. I plainly said, you should have gotten an iPhone. But you had to settle for something since you wanted to stay with Sprint.

    You certainly don’t see the Instinct selling out anywhere. ;-)

    Oh, and iPhone has GPS navigation.

    Evan — August 21, 2008 at 9:16 pm
  • The advantage to the one you bought, Brian, is that you probably won’t get “emotionally attached” to it, unlike your brother and his phone.

    Emery — August 22, 2008 at 8:09 am
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