Tuesday Night Hammer Ride…

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I’ve heard stories of the Tuesday night hammer ride around Mercer Island and have always brushed it off as a rumor.

Tonight Dustin and I joined in and Holy crap that was fast.

When Patrick Stanko rolled up I got scared.  I haven’t done any speed work since LWV 3 and that feels like ions ago.  I knew there was no way I would be at the front of this group.  Luckily, Patrick rode off.  Probably to make someone else feel really really slow.


We were a group of about 10, rolling counter clockwise around Mercer.  slowly at first over the first two rollers and then settled into a nice pace.  Then Aaron Shaw rolled off the front and it was on.  I sat between 2nd and 5th wheel for most of the first few miles and even road off the front with Aaron and a Second Ascent guy for a bit and then came that short steep hill.  Aaron attacks and then Dustin blows past me on the left.  I fight to hold on to third and get taken out by a Garage.  4th isn’t so bad I guess :-)  We continue on East Mercer until the park and turn around.  On the way back I roll off the front solo on the first false flat and am gone for a half mile before Dustin and Second Ascent flies past me.  Aaron and I sit on the front with Hazzard and just wait for them to come back.  When we finally catch, Aaron puts in a HUGE effort and strings it out bad as we hit the longish hill and I get popped off the back. Thankfully Dustin waits for me and we spin back to Leschi together.

I’m sitting here now with a Mondo Burrito from Taco Del Mar and a Bud Light, contemplating swapping out the bottom bracket on the BMC.  OR I could do laundry.  Clean clothes are overated.

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels 

Lunch – Subway foot long tuna, pepperjack on wheat

Ride food – Power bar and a small bottle of HEED

Weight – FAT :-)

Good times!

Nice Belly Laugh Today…

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Bumper sticker seen on the road after grocery shopping:

“Don’t steal.  The government hates competition”



By the way… Thanks for not passing that barrel full of pork otherwise known as a “bailout plan”.  This is nothing that should be rushed in to.  

Oh… and Wachovia?  PLEASE lose my car loan paperwork when Citibank comes to boot you out.  Thanks!

They did what to Wazzu?

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Score – A lot to not very much

Now I feel kind of bad that we went into the Coug’s house on homecoming and spanked the living crap out of them.  It was almost as if the Ducks were playing a high school team.

Oh snap.

This wasn’t even a fair match up. 

USC is going to be crushed next week as is Arizona State after that.  Really, I don’t see an exciting game until Cal.

Good night Coug fans, you knew it was going to happen.


PS – Man I wish the UW game had gone differently, what a heartbreaker.  If only we could put an electric collar on Locker…  Every time he tries to be a lineman you could hit the button to back him off.  Don’t worry Dawgs,  it’ll get better.  There are flashes of brilliance that just need to fire at the same time and the U will be back on top.

Sunday Wrap Up.

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First of all… big props to my wife for her kick-ass ride on the tandem today.  It was her second time as stoker and she was all about riding with the boys and throwing down.  Nice job babe!

Ro and I woke up early to scarf down some breakfast and toss the tandem on the car to head up to U Village.  The TPR northend ride was heading out at 8:30 and I thought she would love to meet some of my new teammates and get a ride in at the same time.

We headed up north on 25th, Lake City way, the BG trail to Beardslee blvd and up to Clearview.  We got dropped on the hill coming out of Canyon park but it was all good.  I knew it would happen and all we needed was each others company anyway.  Ahhhh… the beauty of a tandem :-)  On the way back we stopped at Starbucks at LFP Village and sat outside sipping coffee and soaking up the sun before heading back down to the car.  Ride map attached-

 View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Then it was time to work.

Got up on the roof to inspect the flashings and stink pipes.  I need to replace the flashings on the chimney and clean the gutters but that will have to wait until next weekend as I promised Ro I would finish treating the deck off the house and the steps to the patio from the master.  I love staining :-)

So now I’m sitting in the TV room, sipping on a beer waiting for my dinner to be done.  I think I’ll ride to work tomorrow as it’s supposed to be super nice.


Have a fantastic Sunday evening everyone!

Saturday Morning Ride

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What a great morning for a quick fixie ride with some friends!

Saw J Tripp down at Leschi and talked with her for a while.  It’s so good to see her smile right now.

Martin, Todd, Alex, Gabe and myself headed around the south end of the lake about 8 in the morning.  This is my first fixed ride since last year as well as it being the first on the Tempo and need to make a few modifications to the bike later on.

Good times today, sun peeked out just as we were crossing the bridge back to Leschi.  Ran into Nick from Second Ascent and then Hank from Byrne (now Dewars!  Congrats on the move Hank!)

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com


Headed home to mow the lawn and play with the dogs.  Ro and I plan on walking town to Fauntleroy for dinner at Endolyne then it’s back home to make sure the tandem is up to snuff for tomorrow’s ride.


Good luck to all of those racing at Evergreen tomorrow.  Too bad it won’t be muddy ;-)



Friday Musical Interlude – My WAMU response.

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Thanks WAMU. 

Your CEO is canned and he gets 12 million dollars when he walks.  Your interim CEO gets a 7 million signing bonus and only works for a week.

chew on that for a while and enjoy our Swedish friends Abba.

My WAMU shares are worth 15 cents now.  I’m to shocked to cry.

Tuesday Spin – Mercer

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Hit Mercer Island with Dustin, Alan, Allister and Alex Tuesday afternoon, catching some great sunshine in the process (even though I was in full arm/ knee warmers.  Sunny but a light chill.

I took the Klein just because I want to make sure it’s set up right and 20 miles is a good indicator.  Some small seat angle and height mods and a stem height adjustment was all it really needed and the only uncomfortable change between the BMC to this is the crank length.  Some people can’t tell the difference between 172.5 to 170 but it feels like I’m peddling a trike.  Toss in the fact that the BMC has the Q-rings on it instead of round and my legs really feel out of whack compared to the race rig.  I went through the same adjustment last year so I just need more time on it.

We took it pretty easy as Dustin’s hole where his appendix used to be is still healing.  It was really nice to just BS, spin around the island and pretty much have a great time.  The company made it so nice.

Halfway around the “Tuesday McSickness Hammerfest” blew past us at about 35 miles an hour going the other direction.  Only saw one guy smiling in that crew and it was Aaron Shaw.  He’s just a happy guy :-)

Have a fantastic day!

** Warning ** Crazy Nut at Greenlake

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Just a warning to folks who regularly hang out at Greenlake.  There has been a crazy nut running around the lake and everyone is sure he is up to no good.  Authorities have issued a statement asking that if ANYONE sees him to call the police as soon as possible.


Folks were able to snap a picture from their cell phone before whacking them with his cane.


Be on the lookout, 







Crazy Nut.

Joey Harrington… Where Are You?

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37-32 Boise State

Losing Roper in the OT win over Purdue just flat out killed us. With him still out against the Cougars, I think this might be a long game next Saturday if we have to rely on true freshman Chris Harper.

My advice?  Screw the QB and snap that ball straight to Blount.  Do it.

If only we could sneak Joey back into a ducks uniform


What The Hell?

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Sitting on the couch before running out to Starcrossed, Rosanna and I were flipping between the UCLA/ Arizona game and VH1’s “The Drug Years”.


And then this happened.

What the hell?

It’s a god damn blanket with arms. Just put on another sweathsirt or put on your bathrobe.

You look like a monk.

Friday Musical Interlude, Richard Wright & Pink Floyd

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Richard Wright, an original member of Pink Floyd passed on earlier this week.


I’ve already done a Pink Floyd FMI but it was many months ago but due to recent events I wanted to put something up.

He wasn’t the most talented keyboardist, just like David Gilmoure isn’t the most talented guitarist but it’s the passion and emotion that both of them put into every sound they produced. 

So here you go, 2 of Richard’s most famous works…

Great Gig in the Sky (live)

Us and Them (live)

And just because I couldn’t go without another one…

One of my favorite live videos of “One of These Days” from the Delicate Sound of Thunder Tour.

Long Awaited Confession?

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Let’s put “the way back machine” into drive.

Years ago.. and I mean YEARS.  Let’s say… 1987 ( I guess that’s not TOO long ago for some of you old farts) there was a family that lived behind us, The Vesey’s.  Cool folks they were.  Our parents were friends and Evan and I rough and tumbled it with the three kids all the time.  They had a woodsy back yard and lived in a cul-de-sac so it was always good to play kick ball or hide and seek.  Good times.

One afternoon in the middle of a kickball game, my mom shouted from the back fence that we had to come home.  I underhand lobbed the ball to Adrianne (the oldest of the Vesy kids) and ran home.

Sounds innocent, doesn’t it?

Little did I know that when I walked in the front door I would be confronted by my parents asking why I flipped off the Vesey’s.  My mom and dad were PISSED.  I told them I didn’t do it… begged them to believe me but to no avail.  I got a butt whoopin and was made to write and hand deliver an apology that read. “I’m sorry I was rude and obnoxious.”  Mr. Vesey was a naval officer and pretty intimidating for a kid of my size so with him standing in the doorway i felt as small as an ant.

To this day I remember this incident.  You know why?  Because I was innocent. I didn’t flip ANYONE off.

I guess it was future punishment for all the times I snuck out to throw pine cones at cars and drink beer with my friends.  They knew I would need it!


Winter Bike Builds…

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It’s that time.  Time to shuffle the race bike to the back of the shop and bring a couple others forward.

I’ve been having a really rough few days of work and what helps me relax more than building bikes?  Yes, I know… I’m supposed to say my wife but she’s out at happy hour with a friend so I’m stuck with the dogs, a few beers and two bikes I need to rebuild.

Last year I turned Dad’s Klein into a fixed gear and absolutely loved it.  This year I’ve decided to throw some gears back on it and build my 1987 Schwinn Tempo into my fixed gear.  So as soon as I got home I popped the cap off a beer, took the tools out on the deck and started assembly.

1990 Klein Performance Touring Bike


  • Sun M13 wheels w/ 6 speed freewheel
  • Cinelli bars and stem
  • Tektro “campy style” brake levers
  • Campagnolo Record side pull brakes
  • Campagnolo Record Cranks
  • Shimano Dura Ace Rear der
  • Shimano Ultegra Front der





1987 Schwinn Tempo Road Bike


  • Mavic Open Pro wheels Ultegra Hubs
  • ITM Stem and Bars
  • Tektro “campy style” brake levers
  • Shimano Dura Ace side pull brakes
  • Shimano 105 Cranks
  • 42 x 16 drivetrain


Pictures –



I’m super stoked to ride both of these.  Bring on the crap weather!  Wait.  Did I just say that?  Somebody smack the hell out of me.

Pardon me while pour myself a glass of scotch. :-)

The Group Health Bike MS Ride Presented By Point B

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Join the Movement.



















Does it look like we had a great time?  I sure hope it does because this was THE best 2 day ride I have ever been on.

Huge props to Rosanna for her massive coordination and attention to detail.  Her hard, countless hours of work turned into something more than just a ride.  Her and her staff did an amazing job and made this one of the greatest supported rides in the Northwest.  As I am writing this the tally for MS fundraising is at 1.3 million dollars and growing every hour.

My wife kicks ass.

Weekend Wrap Up / MS Bike Tour

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Consider this a place holder.  This weekend was PHENOMINAL.   Absolutely gorgeous weather, perfectly run and a lot of friends.  I have pictures to post as well as a TON of thank yous to give out and a little something that Rosanna and I have made for Leann and her family.

The only thing I regret is not being able to make it to the park Sunday for Jen, I’m really upset I missed it


So stay tuned, I’ll have everything up and at ’em soon.

The Final Push…

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An unforgettable ride.
An unbeatable destination.
A world free of MS

Well, It’s finally here.  The MS Bike Tour starts tomorrow morning up at the Skagit Fairgrounds at 7:30 sharp.  Looks like nature decided to shine for us as the weather forcast is nothing but beautiful.

I’m really excited.

I blew my personal goal out of the water, I was hoping I’d hit $1k and am sitting pretty at $1,350.  My Team goal was $15k and we are SO close I can almost taste it!!!

Here is where YOU come in…

Go here and donate.  $5 or $5000, it doesn’t matter because it all helps. Click on my name, one of my teammates or just to the team itself.

To all of the friends and family of Lisa, I’ll have you with me this weekend in my thoughts.  All of the struggles you have gone through the past 11 years will dwarf this small 150 mile bike ride that we are embarking on.

It’s the least we can do.

Join the Movement.  Ride.

Friday Musical Interlude… The Dreaming Tree.

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Please… hug the one you love.

Stay true, stay beautiful, just… stay.

I’ll be gone all weekend at the MS bike tour.

Take care of one another.

The Loss of a Friend…

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Jen T-

All of our love to you and your family.  It is difficult to put into words, spoken or text, the numbness that the news from this weekend has has blanketed over all of us.

Fear not, Beautiful One, the strength of your friends and family will carry you through this time.

We love and cherish you… Never, ever forget that.

From the Seattle Times

From a friend of Ryan

Weekend Wrap Up- Rides, Weddings and Birthdays

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Friday was Rosanna’s birthday.  It doesn’t feel like it though as the MS bike tour is next weekend so we take it in spurts.  I gave her her birthday present last week, card Friday and then dinner with friends Friday night.  I really do feel bad that her birthday is so close to her event.  Trust me babe, once you hit 30 you are really going to WANT to miss them :-)  Happy Birthday Sweets!

It also happens to be our dog Annabelle’s birthday.  She’s 7 now and as fat as can be.  Damn porker.

Saturday was a TPR team ride up to Snoqualmis Falls.  Never fails, really, that I feel great on the way out, hit the wall coming out of Carnation and then feel 150% at Samammish.  Weird.  Martin asked what do I do during races if I only feel good by hour 3.  Well,  I out sprint everyone on the cool down.  Ride map is here (with the exception of the upper loop)- View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

My cousin got married Saturday afternoon.  She is more like my little sister than my cousin and although we haven’t seen a whole lot of each other these past few years we are still pretty close.  It was an awesome wedding with friends I haven’t seen in a long time showing up.  I had to leave after dinner for a few reasons, one I was really tired from the days ride and two, well…  I was getting a bit choked up and didn’t want to be a blubbering idiot.

Sunday was around the North end of the lake with a larger group than Saturday.  Good folks, great pace (with a few hard efforts that Jeff and RC both whooped me in) and it was great to see Dustin out even with the brace on his fingers.


Now.  I have been told by a few people that I need to confess something.  Last weekend I ate 4 Dick’s Cheeseburgers and 3 bags of fries.  is that bad?

See… I’m not a complete health nut (typed as I eat granola and drink a glass of grapefruit juice)

Friday Musical Interlude Redux- Sigur Ros

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I was so excited after last weeks FMI. I got a TON of emails from folks who really loved my Sigur Ros pick, both as old and new listeners. This will be my second time using Sigur Ros as my FMI, something I didn’t want to do but damnit… they are just to gosh-darn good.

There are not enough words in either the English or Icelandic language to describe Sigur Ros’ music. Beyond beautiful, ethreal, mystic or Entrancing… I get lost.

Lead singer Jón Þór “Jónsi” Birgisson’s voice drips with emotion. While most of the songs are non-understandable gibberish, (called “hopelandic”, a made up language of icelandic and sounds that flow with their music) it Allows you to take your own meaning, your own sights from each song. It’s amazing how it changes each time you hear it.

So this might be a little long but I’m going to post not just my favorite songs from Sigur Ros but my favorite videos too, film or live.

So here you are, Sigur Ros, listed as they are on my playlist.

Samskeyti (I like to listen to this on a ride early in the morning)

Svefn-g-englar (this video is absolutely beautiful… all I see are angels)

Hljomalind (how can something so amazing be this horrific?)

Hoppipolla (Don’t take things too seriously… live life! Jump in puddles!)

Glósóli (you can fly… if you know you can)

Now, this last one (as much as I don’t want it to) brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. The ending scene takes my breath away…

Untitled, #1, named later as “Vaka”

I know their songs are REALLY long, so I apologize if I just took up a huge amount of your time. Their songs are an emotional journey. Not albums you can really toss in and cruise down the road to.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

“Eg elska tig”

Quick update-

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Busy busy busy-

Work, new team stuff, old team stuff, house things, crazy dogs, tandem rides, single malt 12 year old scotch…

I think it’s time for some doggie pictures.