Friday Musical Interlude Redux- Sigur Ros

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I was so excited after last weeks FMI. I got a TON of emails from folks who really loved my Sigur Ros pick, both as old and new listeners. This will be my second time using Sigur Ros as my FMI, something I didn’t want to do but damnit… they are just to gosh-darn good.

There are not enough words in either the English or Icelandic language to describe Sigur Ros’ music. Beyond beautiful, ethreal, mystic or Entrancing… I get lost.

Lead singer Jón Þór “Jónsi” Birgisson’s voice drips with emotion. While most of the songs are non-understandable gibberish, (called “hopelandic”, a made up language of icelandic and sounds that flow with their music) it Allows you to take your own meaning, your own sights from each song. It’s amazing how it changes each time you hear it.

So this might be a little long but I’m going to post not just my favorite songs from Sigur Ros but my favorite videos too, film or live.

So here you are, Sigur Ros, listed as they are on my playlist.

Samskeyti (I like to listen to this on a ride early in the morning)

Svefn-g-englar (this video is absolutely beautiful… all I see are angels)

Hljomalind (how can something so amazing be this horrific?)

Hoppipolla (Don’t take things too seriously… live life! Jump in puddles!)

Glósóli (you can fly… if you know you can)

Now, this last one (as much as I don’t want it to) brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. The ending scene takes my breath away…

Untitled, #1, named later as “Vaka”

I know their songs are REALLY long, so I apologize if I just took up a huge amount of your time. Their songs are an emotional journey. Not albums you can really toss in and cruise down the road to.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

“Eg elska tig”

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