The Final Push…

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An unforgettable ride.
An unbeatable destination.
A world free of MS

Well, It’s finally here.  The MS Bike Tour starts tomorrow morning up at the Skagit Fairgrounds at 7:30 sharp.  Looks like nature decided to shine for us as the weather forcast is nothing but beautiful.

I’m really excited.

I blew my personal goal out of the water, I was hoping I’d hit $1k and am sitting pretty at $1,350.  My Team goal was $15k and we are SO close I can almost taste it!!!

Here is where YOU come in…

Go here and donate.  $5 or $5000, it doesn’t matter because it all helps. Click on my name, one of my teammates or just to the team itself.

To all of the friends and family of Lisa, I’ll have you with me this weekend in my thoughts.  All of the struggles you have gone through the past 11 years will dwarf this small 150 mile bike ride that we are embarking on.

It’s the least we can do.

Join the Movement.  Ride.

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