Friday Musical Interlude, Richard Wright & Pink Floyd

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Richard Wright, an original member of Pink Floyd passed on earlier this week.


I’ve already done a Pink Floyd FMI but it was many months ago but due to recent events I wanted to put something up.

He wasn’t the most talented keyboardist, just like David Gilmoure isn’t the most talented guitarist but it’s the passion and emotion that both of them put into every sound they produced. 

So here you go, 2 of Richard’s most famous works…

Great Gig in the Sky (live)

Us and Them (live)

And just because I couldn’t go without another one…

One of my favorite live videos of “One of These Days” from the Delicate Sound of Thunder Tour.

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  • Good choice, Brian.

    I saw the “Wish You Were Here” show in the Coliseum. The first set ended with “One of these Days”. The second set was Dark Side of the Moon in it’s entirety (with quadrophonic sound!), and they played “Echoes” for an encore. It was amazing. Rick Wright will be missed.

    Emery — September 20, 2008 at 11:12 am
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