Saturday Morning Ride

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What a great morning for a quick fixie ride with some friends!

Saw J Tripp down at Leschi and talked with her for a while.  It’s so good to see her smile right now.

Martin, Todd, Alex, Gabe and myself headed around the south end of the lake about 8 in the morning.  This is my first fixed ride since last year as well as it being the first on the Tempo and need to make a few modifications to the bike later on.

Good times today, sun peeked out just as we were crossing the bridge back to Leschi.  Ran into Nick from Second Ascent and then Hank from Byrne (now Dewars!  Congrats on the move Hank!)

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Headed home to mow the lawn and play with the dogs.  Ro and I plan on walking town to Fauntleroy for dinner at Endolyne then it’s back home to make sure the tandem is up to snuff for tomorrow’s ride.


Good luck to all of those racing at Evergreen tomorrow.  Too bad it won’t be muddy ;-)



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