Sunday Wrap Up.

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First of all… big props to my wife for her kick-ass ride on the tandem today.  It was her second time as stoker and she was all about riding with the boys and throwing down.  Nice job babe!

Ro and I woke up early to scarf down some breakfast and toss the tandem on the car to head up to U Village.  The TPR northend ride was heading out at 8:30 and I thought she would love to meet some of my new teammates and get a ride in at the same time.

We headed up north on 25th, Lake City way, the BG trail to Beardslee blvd and up to Clearview.  We got dropped on the hill coming out of Canyon park but it was all good.  I knew it would happen and all we needed was each others company anyway.  Ahhhh… the beauty of a tandem :-)  On the way back we stopped at Starbucks at LFP Village and sat outside sipping coffee and soaking up the sun before heading back down to the car.  Ride map attached-

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Then it was time to work.

Got up on the roof to inspect the flashings and stink pipes.  I need to replace the flashings on the chimney and clean the gutters but that will have to wait until next weekend as I promised Ro I would finish treating the deck off the house and the steps to the patio from the master.  I love staining :-)

So now I’m sitting in the TV room, sipping on a beer waiting for my dinner to be done.  I think I’ll ride to work tomorrow as it’s supposed to be super nice.


Have a fantastic Sunday evening everyone!

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  • I’m really enjoying the tandem rides and riding with the guys was fun, too!

    Rosanna — September 29, 2008 at 3:19 pm
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