They did what to Wazzu?

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Score – A lot to not very much

Now I feel kind of bad that we went into the Coug’s house on homecoming and spanked the living crap out of them.  It was almost as if the Ducks were playing a high school team.

Oh snap.

This wasn’t even a fair match up. 

USC is going to be crushed next week as is Arizona State after that.  Really, I don’t see an exciting game until Cal.

Good night Coug fans, you knew it was going to happen.


PS – Man I wish the UW game had gone differently, what a heartbreaker.  If only we could put an electric collar on Locker…  Every time he tries to be a lineman you could hit the button to back him off.  Don’t worry Dawgs,  it’ll get better.  There are flashes of brilliance that just need to fire at the same time and the U will be back on top.

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