Friday Musical Interlude – An Old Mix Tape.

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I found an old Sony cassette tape in a box of my stuff and popped it in the player in my car (Yes, the Land Rover still has a tape deck) and prepared myself for what it might be.  It was titled “Mix Tape #2” so I knew it wasn’t my solo guitar demo I made in High School (ugh… that was awful) but was scared about just how off the wall the music was.

I was actually pleasantly surprised and the end result was a flood of memories.  The following is a small sample of what was on it.

Skid Row – 18 and Life

Warrant – Heaven

INXS – Need You Tonight

Foreigner – I Wanna Know What Love Is

And the favorite track of all on that tape… I know because I put it on there TWICE.

Queensryche – Silent Lucidity


All I have to say… is, Wow. How far the musical tastes have come. Man that Queensryche tune rocks though.

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