Da Veep Debatagurgatation.

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First of all, my wife should be a paid pundit.  After the debate we flipped from CNN, to MSNBC, to FOX and back again and EVERY single thing that came out of there mouth was exactly what Ro said 2 seconds earlier.  She can either read minds through the tube or has a complete grasp of today’s political battleground.

Both, me thinks.

Anyway, I was amazed at what I like to call the “Mcain regurgatation”.  Last week we saw the REAL Palin and last night we saw the crap force fed to the hockey mom puked out on to the airwaves with a wink and a toss of her hair.

“You Betcha!”

Daily Kos blogs-

Palin was a smashing success because when you pulled the string in her back, she looked down at her cue cards and recited her talking points perfectly. Awesome! Of course, it’s easy to avoid any deer-in-headlights moments when you ignore the questions you can’t possibly answer, but let’s give it to her.

Palin is totally awesome, an asset to the ticket, and really, really competent to be vice president.

So let her free. Take her out of Cheney’s undisclosed location and let her campaign. Let her do media interviews. Let her do town hall meetings. Take her out of tightly-scripted environments, shed the McCain chaperon (which is a bit creepy and quite a bit sexist), and “let Palin be Palin”.

I’m sure she’ll just do great. Because really, all that Palin awesomeness shouldn’t be limited to the single vice-presidential debate. It should be unleashed on the country! If not, Republicans will be deprived of a potent weapon in this final weeks of the campaign.

Who am I though?   What do I know? 

Well, gosh darn it.


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