Saturday Fixed (but broken) Team ride.

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Saturday’s are team fixed gear rides.  Not necessarily fixie only but the pace is driven by those who are fixed.  Well last night I broke the post on my fixie so I had to show up on my rain bike.  It only turned out to be Martin, RC and myself but I felt a little out of place with gears.

Bike – Klein Performance Touring  53-42 x 12-27 Sun wheels

Route – North Lake WA and Mercer Island

Breakfast – scrambled egg, bagel and an ensure

Ride Food – a bag of shot blocks, 1 small bottle of water


I slept wrong last night and tweeked my lower back.  I took a couple of motrin before I left but our right turn up to Juanita Hill found me getting dropped before the stop light.  Felt like someone was trying to pull my spine out.  I let RC and Martin go, content to sit and spin the rest of the way to the top at a comfortable pace knowing that since they are fixie I would catch them on the down hill.  That plan failed as I got caught at the downhill light and both RC and Martin have sewing machine cadence.  Luckily they waited for me at the bottom and we all shed some gear.  As we road into Kirkland the rain pretty much stopped and the sun started to come out.  Days like today, even when the roads are wet, are some of my favorite.  I love fall.

Martin peeled off at Leschi and RC and I rode back to UW together and I was SO happy to be done as my back was pretty much shot.

Lunch was a well deserved Dick’s cheeseburger (two of them actually), fries and a chocolate shake as well as a stop at Recycled Cycles for a new post.  I spent the next couple of hours cleaning up the bike and working on another two wheeled project.  Now I sit typing away, cursing the fact that Oregon just blew coverage and SC tied it up to 10-10.   I have given up on the UW game… let me check the score real quick…  Ouch, 31-7 AZ.

Tonight is left over Lasagna that Ro made last night (bad ASS) and a few hands of Uno as this wind storm passes over our house.

Tomorrow is the Team ride up to Snohomish and Monroe. Supposed to be fairly good weather.

Stay Beautiful!

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