Saturday Team Fixed Gear Ride.

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76 miles

Bike – Schwinn Tempo fixed gear 42×16 

Breakfast – Leftover potatos, cottage cheese and a powerbar

Ride Food – One small bottle of water, one large bottle of Heed.

Man it was cold this morning!  The day turned out perfect, what a fun ride. Martin, Todd, Kurt, Jeff D all showed up fixed and it was so awesome.

Learned a few things today.

  • Do not drink heavily the night before if you are planning on actually performing well on the ride
  • Fixed gear rides should NOT be started from West Seattle.
  • Martin is right sometimes.

I’ll explain some of these.

I spent a lot of last night wiring up my shop in the basement.  Added a breaker and ran new romex to the room.  3 new 4′ strip lights and switch, 3 double duplex receptacles and some clean up. Nothing makes working with electricity more fun then draining beer and scotch into my gullet… so I did.

It’s a good 15 miles from my house to the Dog in front of Husky Stadium which is the Saturday meeting place.  which means whatever route we take, I need to remember to mentally add another 30 miles before I leave the house.  I should have parked at the U.

As we crossed I-90, Martin asked why I hadn’t gone through the tunnel to head home.  He was right.  In my state I should have headed that way instead I followed them up Madrona and headed to Nickerson.

I’m cooked.

5 Responses to “Saturday Team Fixed Gear Ride.”

  • Hey, are you going to cyclocross at all? Walla Walla has 2 awesome races on the 25th & 26th. The 25th will be nuts– through tall grass (mind, your path has been tilled, steamrolled and seeded for a nice, fast grass), under and over the bridge, through the barn, in and out of the creek two times, pass the bon fire and when you’ve done that a few times, put on your party hat– it’s a Halloween Bash! Camp out on the lawn if ya like.

    Walla even has a new tasty brewery just for you! :D

    Rebecca — October 11, 2008 at 2:53 pm
  • Oh man…I feel your pain! I’m at the Alaska junction and have found myself crawling back up the hill home. There is NO easy way back!

    Brian — October 12, 2008 at 12:59 pm
  • Brian,
    Looks like you were in for the long haul again today, good on ya! Just try not to be crawling home on your hands and knees every ride. Long miles are good, but don’t be killing it every ride! You know that.
    We had a great Tandem ride, nice and mellow, though good tempo. What a beautiful day.

    Mick Walsh — October 12, 2008 at 2:45 pm
  • Camping in Walla Walla on Oct 25th? Have at it! Bring the thermal underwear.

    Mick Walsh — October 12, 2008 at 2:46 pm
  • RJ – Would love to but we are having some folks over for dinner that weekend!

    Brian – I never know which way to go. Delridge, 35th, California, Fauntleroy… It’s all in how the legs feel I guess. Sometimes I want to stop at Luna and all the wife for a ride up the hills!

    Mick – So awesome to see you and Martha early in the morning. Yup… another LONG ride, not as hard on the body as yesterday was but the location of the house makes it VERY hard for me not to shop up at the front door dead as a door nail.

    See you all on the road soon!

    Brian — October 12, 2008 at 9:29 pm
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