Friday Musical Interlude – Howie… and my favorite tune of all time.

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There are two artists that over the past year I have wanted to do a FMI for but I have hesitated.

One of them is Howie Day… the other, well, only Evan knows that one and it’ll come out later.

I have been a HUGE HD fan for years.  I have over 120 of his live shows bootlegged on CD, 95% of them as a solo act before he went “big”.

A few months ago I did a FMI on Matt Nathanson, one of my favorite artists.  He and Howie are pretty much the same for me, two different styles but right there on my rank of substance and absolute talent.  Howie today is a result of a label grabbing hold of a talented musician, twisting him into nothing and then wiping their hands of him.  It disgusts me.

Anyway… Howies live set consists of him, a guitar and a series of pedals (looping, delay, octave and others) that he uses for both his voice and guitar.  Everything you hear is him and his guitar… that’s it.  His live performances were spell bounding.  His talent is out of this world and I hope someday he returns to his roots.  Playing just to play.

When I used to do open mic performances I covered a lot of Howie’s songs (and Matt’s) and always had the best time.  Here are a few of my favorite selections-


Ghost (w/ Beams of Light outro)


Sorry, so Sorry

And this… one of my most favorite selections of all time. Both Matt and Howie onstage together doing a GREAT Radiohead cover.

Matt Nathanson and Howie Day – Fake Plastic Trees

Really though, I could go on for a lot longer. Because of his amazing live shows and looping, each song comes out different each time.

Check him out. buy the album Australia and Stop All The World Now and if you REALLY want to delve deeper into it, maybe I’ll burn you a live show or two (if you are super lucky)

Enjoy it… and Have a wonderful weekend.

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  • I used to have that guitar strap… I loved it then lost it. Damnit.

    Please note (to the uninitiated): During the first clip (Bunnies), around time stamp 4:55, Howie reverses the lyrics loop he recorded earlier in the song then sings over top. Probably my fvorite part of that song. Yes, I am a nerd like that.

    Evan — October 17, 2008 at 11:37 am
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