Weekend Wrap Up. Team Party, Hangover and Home Improvement… OH MY!

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I skipped the team ride Saturday morning so I could shrink the growing list of home improvement items.    Some sheetrock, tape, mud and sanding led to a cut-in box and a switch.  Then it was downstairs to the bike shop to clean up and take some measurements for some future wall and peg board. 

Saturday evening was our IJM.org/ Thumbprint Racing team party at uBRDO in Kirkland.  Pizza from Zeeks, a keg from Redhook and a ton of snacks/ desserts and drinks from the teammates who showed up.  Scotty provided the tunes and the bike eye candy and it turned out great!  The Look bikes came in and we all got to drool on our new team frames as well as the other amazing products that are stocked at uBRDO.  It really is a great shop in both the merchandise and it’s location but what makes it superb is the attitude of the owner and the employees.  They all rock.

Sunday morning I woke up with a hangover.

Wait… let me take that back.  I don’t think it was a hangover yet.  I was still in a beer induced haze.  What’s better than a 70 mile ride to clear the head?

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Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – 1 Tylenol, 2 Aleve and an Ensure

Ride Food – 1 large bottle of Accelerade and 1 small bottle of water

For the first 20 miles my stomach was REALLY upset and Greg announced that he was gonna try and make me puke.  He was close.  REALLY close.  When we crossed Mercer, RC headed north to go home, I headed south and Greg, Kurt and Dean rode east to do hills (In October?)  I kept the pace an easy spin and ran into the Byrne squad in Renton and turned around with them.  I plowed through the bottle of accelerade and started to feel better but after the I-90 bridge I was starting to feel really cooked so I stopped for a coffee and pastry before heading back.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Stay Beautiful!

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  • I slept in until 10am. That’s right.

    Rosanna — October 27, 2008 at 9:41 pm
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