Weekend Wrap-Up. A Fall, A Party and A Ride.

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Friday night I fell down the stairs.  Well… I actually fell ON the stairs.

Let me explain.

We don’t have a guard rail in our attic for the stairs below and I am ALWAYS telling Rosanna to be careful when she goes up there because it would be very easy to take a wrong step and end up head first into the stairs.  Well, I pulled a field test and ended up falling backwards from the attic to the stairs.

Holy hell I’m lucky.

I smacked my head pretty good, enough to make me nauseous for the afternoon.  racked my upper back, smacked my tailbone and re-injured my right hamstring.  I’m alive still though and that’s all that really matters.  I could have snapped my neck.

Later that night we headed over to Tony and Amanda’s for a rocking Halloween party.  Good times with our friends.  Those two are awesome and I wished we lived closer to each other, maybe soon…

Saturday was nothing but preparation for Halloween dinner.  Rosanna made a killer roast beast along with a great pasta/ pumpkin dish as well as a handmade pumpkin ice cream.  Add a bunch of friends and a leeetle bit of alcohol and we’re lucky the cops didn’t bust our party.  I mean, Greg K almost started stripping in the street.  Crazy.

Today was recovery.  I needed to slam 2 Excedrin, 1 small glass of water and an electrolyte recovery drink just to stop feeling a little sideways.  Ro and I crawled our way to Easy Street Records for a grease heavy breakfast and then it was nap time on the couch.  As soon as the sun peeked out I tossed on my riding gear and hit my West Seattle loop only to get poured and hailed on halfway through.  It was nice to get back out on the BMC… I think it missed me.  That bike is SO damn comfortable and responsive.  Why did I even think about another bike?

Shame on me.

Ride – 35 miles  2800 feet of climbing/ West Seattle repeats

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

Ride food – 2 bottles of water

Weight – 166 (damn I lose weight fast!)

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