Update… on me.

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I have had a bunch of emails about what happened last weekend.  I must say I’m sorry I didn’t follow up.

No I did not go to the doctor, yes I think I had a concussion, no I did not sacrifice my “man bag”


The only thing I am suffering from right now is a really stiff and sore back.  Those of you that do know my back history should understand when I say this… ouch.   I’m slowly getting better though.  Pretty stiff in the mid to upper with a lot of pain at night but I have to thank the folks who make Aleve.  You all rock.


I picked up Ro from the airport last night at about 9.  She was out cold.  This morning was breakfast at Easy Street records and now she is in her craft room painting while I try to kill an 18 pack of PBR while I watch the Ducks own Stanford (aka the Pac 10 bitches).

As I type this, UO just got a safety.  !#$%^*!!!!

anyway… the goal of this weekend is to relax and I am.


Stay Beautiful.

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  • Brian,
    If you do need a GOOD doctor, try to see Dr Daniel Brzusek (I think that’s correct spelling) in Bellevue.
    I heard him give evidence at my “Trial” last week and he knows a lot about back pain.

    Mick Walsh — November 9, 2008 at 8:19 pm
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