Sunday Team Ride

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Woke up to rain of course but not the downpour I was expecting.  So on with the old orange and blue (3 more weeks!) and off to Ladro in Fremont.  I met up with Greg and had a cup of coffee and a chat before heading over to Leschi to meet up with Dustin.

Not much of a team ride if only 3 people show up.  I guess weather and cross races factor into that.

I love rides like today.  The sun came out and off came the rain jacket, I even pulled my gloves off as the temperature went up in our favor.  nice and easy pace full of man-gossip and stories, bsically shooting the shit.  This is why I ride.  Not the race or the drool inducing hill repeats up Zoo.  I love my friends.

So anyway…

Ride- 92 miles

Bike – Klein Performance touring 53-42 x 12-27  Sun wheels

Breakfast – Bagel with turkey and cream cheese, Ensure

Ride Food – 1 large bottle of accelerade, 1 small bottle of water, 1 bag of shot blocks

a few observations… I need a 39.  That 42 ain’t gonna cut it.  Anyone have a 135 BCD 39 tooth they need to get rid of?  Also, I need to put 42 ctc bars on.  the 40’s are just way too narrow and I’m pretty uncomfortable.

Time to get to work so I can pay the bills…

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