Buh Bye!!!

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I left North Coast Electric around 2001 and took the Director of Procurement position at Netversant Solutions about a week later.  Although I ran the department I was mostly there to support the electrical division, Netversant Power.

Netversant wasn’t your normal contractor, com/ security OR electrical.  it was run by bean counting accountants… NOT folks with a construction background and every month it felt like it would be our last in business.  Controllers all over the country were jumping ship the second they got a chance.  It just wasn’t a good atmosphere.

On April 1st 2005 the Electrical division of Netversant was bought off by the current president, Jim Mackey asked me to join him and I leapt at the opportunity.  I have since moved on from Jim and Evergreen Power Systems and am now purchasing at Cochran, one of the largest Electrical contractors on the west coast.

Why the history lesson?

Because of THIS!


* Brian dances a jig *

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