Saturday Morning Team Ride.

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I’ve been fighting this chest crud for a few days now and finally felt a little better this morning. What comes with the crud? The hack. There isn’t a good way to describe the expunging process while riding so I won’t attempt it, just know that you wouldn’t want to ride on either side of me.

Ride – 33 miles nice and easy, couple of sprint efforts but nothing too testing.

Bike – Tempo fixed gear 42 x 16 Open Pro wheels.

Breakfast – Ensure

Ride food – small bottle of Heed.

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I didn’t do May Valley with the rest of the group, instead I headed west to cruise around Mercer with a few other of my TPR teammates. Great time today!

Now it’s time to sit back, watch UW and WSU in the (Rotten) Apple Cup and start tearing out the fixtures and tile in the 1/4 bath.

Might ride tomorrow, might not. I really need to rake up the leaves before my neighbor has a fit.

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