Sunday Morning Team Ride.

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I woke up this morning and it was Witch Tit cold.  Seriously.

So I drove to the ride :-)

It wasn’t the long Sunday rides I have been doing but there was a ton of stuff I wanted to get accomplished at home so the long ride took a back seat.


Ride – 40 miles

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-21 Ksyrium SL Wheels

Breakfast – Ensure

Ride Food – 1 small bottle of FRS and 1 small bottle of water

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Good tempo today, nice and relaxed.  Many chances to chat with some new and old teammates as well as a few sprints tossed in to make it exciting.  A small group broke off to hit May Valley and the rest of us continued to Mercer Island then another small group rode around Mercer as Myself, Guy, Gabe and Cathy headed back to Fremont.

I think today would have been much better if Rosanna and I had taken the tandem out.  It was a perfect day for it.  Boo!

Bring on the week!

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