and it begins.

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Training for the 2009 racing season has officially started.


Bring the pain.




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This year Rosanna and I decided (for a few reasons) not to do gifts this year for ourselves,  friends or family (sorry friends and family!)  I did happen to notice that Santa made an early stop at our place and filled the stockings.  That guy kicks ass.

Rosanna has been spending a lot of time in the craft room… the sewing machine has been going non stop and there are scraps of fabric, yarn and paper strewn about when I take a peek. I dare not go in such a “woman zone” as it might have some awful effect on me like sipping tea or Secret underarm deodorant.  She’s also been doing a ton of baking which I think has been one of the main reason my pants don’t fit anymore.

Me?  I haven’t been riding much, obviously.  I hate riding on the trainer or the rollers so it has forced me into a month of eating, drinking, guitar playing and finishing up some website templates for the new team site.  The new kits finally came in and they are suh-weeet.

I have the hardest time looking back on my life and pulling specific memories from my christmases while growing up.  Besides the leftover bow we stick onto the dog’s butt to drive her nuts until it finally fell off, I can’t pull anything out.  It’s mostly the days leading UP to that day.  The holiday school break, the lights dad used to put on the two trees out front (he used to be able to do it standing, then a stool, then a ladder… damn those trees!)


I just remembered one.  Evan and I had our stockings hung on our bedpost Christmas eve.  When we FINALLY fell asleep our parents would sneak in, take our stockings to the dining room fill them with a tangerine, candy and the dumbest little entertaining presents they coould find.  Let me say that when I call them dumb, I don’t mean it in any way derogatory, they were usually cheap, interesting and well thought out.  About 4 or 5 in the morning you could hear the crinkling of tissue paper and wrapping from the rooms and then the creak of a door as either Evan or I would sneak into the others to show off the goods.  Mom and Dad were VERY smart to make them all about the same type of gift (just a different color) so we wouldn’t fight over them.  By the time Evan and I were bored with the stocking stuffers it was late enough in the morning to wake up the parents and head on down the hall to open the rest of the gifts along with a big breakfast and then a nap before football.

Evan and I always received great gifts from Santa and our family but one thing I notice when I look back is that it wasn’t always about the gifts.  We did FAMILY stuff.  When we were super young we would go out and chop down our tree together.  When fake trees became “real” enough, we would help dad chop down the tree in the attic and haul it down to the living room then it was dad who put up the lights and Mom, Evan and myself who put on the ornaments, each one telling a story of years past.  We might not have had the “prettiest” tree compared to those who did the theme trees but it represented the story of us and I have always looked back and loved that.

Rosanna, Annabelle, Maggie, Sam and myself wish all of you a fantastic Christmas Holiday.  Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in a few.

Stay Beautiful.  

Ho Ho Ho.

Want to Buy A Bicycle?

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Only $34.06.

Amazing, huh?  What’s more amazing is that it isn’t for you or me.


Give the gift of transportation to those who truly need it to make the world a better place.  Give the gift of a bicycle… for only $34.

Your purchase will provide a bicycle to help health workers reach vulnerable children in remote communities. Having access to a bicycle for a health worker or midwife can help increase the health standards of children in remote villages and communities in developing countries. A small price to pay for such an important gift!

See this for more information.

Fatty Fatty Me So Fatty

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An update on my race fitness.

or NON fitness.

December is almost over so that means I need to get off my quickly expanding butt cheeks and get the miles in.

So my stats as of today-

  • Height – 6′ 0″
  • Weight – 171.6 lbs (up 31 pounds!)
  • Resting HR – 42 bpm
  • Sign – Pisces
  • Licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop – gross dude.

The BMC, Flyte and the TT bike are in pieces down in my shop getting a yearly overhaul and cleaning.  the rain bike needs a new chainring that is sitting on the hold shelf at uBRDO if I could ever make it over there and the fixie is hanging from the ceiling begging me to take it out for a spin.  I did bring my snow shoes down from the attic as well as my snowboard gear so a little cross training will be coming soon.

Speaking of cross training, check out the status of the stairs I run here in west seattle…


I think I’ll wait for it to warm up a bit.  Nothing destroys a season like snapping a shin on a frozen cement stair.


Stay safe everyone and as always… Stay Beautiful!

Weekend Wrap-up. Ah Hell, More Snow.

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Look!  More white shit falling from the sky!

Ro and I stayed indoors for most of the weekend with the exception of the occasional romp in the yard with the dogs or on foot to the village for groceries.  Some of Rosanna’s family came up and since the snow had stopped for a bit and the roads cleared enough I drove her down to Southcenter to do some craft shopping but on the way home the sky pulled down it boxers and pooped on us.

The weekend in pictoral review.


As the white schtuff started to fall…

and so it began.



Wait… there is snow on the road.  Where are all the idiots?  Don’t worry.  They’ll be there shortly.

White roh-adds



Maggie’s first “Real” snow experience.  Annabelle thinks every snow flake is a ball to chase.

Dogs in the Backyard



Realizing that the stairs are a bit slippery.   Maggie just couldn’t figure it out.  The look on her face was priceless.




Sunday just before noon.  I cleaned the two cars off yesterday.  *sigh*

The Driveway


So, before I go, I really need to post a shot from last weekend.  Rosanna and I hit up the Jingle Bell Run with some of her co-workers.  It was SO damn cold.


Friday Musical Interlude – Needtobreathe

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I sit here, early Friday morning, snowed in.  We only have 8 inches covering the ground but since the great state of Washington doesn’t use salt or de-icer on the roads and those of us on the top of West Seattle and Queen Anne are pretty much at a stand still.  Single digit temps, packed snow and ice make for fun times on the road no matter what you drive or how good a driver you are.  If I hear on more moron on the radio say they are from Wisconsin and they are the only one who knows how to drive and every one else is an idiot I’m gonna go insane.  Try driving up from Endolyne to 35th right now… yeah, I called you out.

Whew… Thanks for letting me vent.


Needtobreathe  has 3 independent releases and 2 studio albums, Daylight (06) and The Heat (07) with extensive touring both as an opener, side stage and main stage acts.  Their background is contemporary christian, which doesn’t really blow my skirt up too much but talent is talent and their infectious (oooh I sound like Rolling Stone) jams and energy live is something that I really look for.

Streets of Gold

Shine On

More Time

“Live From Studio B- Washed by the Water”

Stay warm… Stay beautiful-

Absentee – ism

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I’ve been absent lately.  Access to the blog at work is restricted and I have been super busy with work, the team and the house… not to mention making sure the wife is happy!


Maybe you will forgive me if I post this-


The website is DOWN!


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Well… Snow and ice.  Rosanna and I live in West Seattle, Fauntleroy to be exact and we just happen to be the highest area in Seattle.  We HAVE to drive up or down a massive hill to get anywhere… ANYWHERE.  So we were pretty screwed when the the temps dipped and all the puddles on the street froze over into what is known as the West Seattle Ice Rink.  Busses were sliding sideways, Tow trunks ended up in yards with the damaged car in tow.  Ro and I decided to walk down to lunch and almost fell on our asses at least 10 times each.  just crazy how quickly all of that water froze.


Anyway… enough whining.  I had a great ride on Saturday with the crew that were able to make it and Rosanna and I huffed the Jingle Bell Run 5k in freezing temps after a night of snow and then dared to drive home on the ice laden roads (which was actually quite scary).  See, the Land Rover is a great vehicle but SO not built for driving on icy hilly areas (is any?)  so we parked it for the rest of Sunday and hiked to lunch and the market which turned out to be WAY too much fun :-)

Drive Careful.

Beer Me!

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Rosanna is in her craft room working on a sewing project.

The dogs are in the living room laying in front of the fire place snoozing.

The bikes are downstairs in my shop, relaxing.



I’m  reliving my days in high school…. six pack.  Check!


Friday Musical Interlude – Jr High Dance… Grab The Aqua-net

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Late 80’s to early 90’s.  Marcus Whitman Junior High.  Hormones.  Hypercolor… Bill Cosby Jell-o commercials.

Oh snap.

Extreme – More Than Words

Color Me Badd – I Adore Mi Amore

Atlantic Starr – Masterpiece

Chris De Burgh – Lady in Red

Poison – Every Rose Has its Thorn

Stevie B – Because I Love You

Sheriff – When I’m with You

And the winner….

Timmy T – One More Try


Have a fantastic weekend everyone, be safe in the upcoming “storm”

Stay Beautiful!

Speaking of the racing team…

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Your sneak peek of the the newest Pacific Northwest racing Team-


Sunday – Team Ride

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The Thumbprint racing team headed out from Ladro in Fremont about 8:30. Most of us still haggard by what is known now as the “Seattle Hack” or the “Washington Crud”, thanks be to the folks who came up with Mucinex. I love all of you.

at 55 miles, it was a shorter ride then I think we were planning but we put some hard efforts in that made me cross eyed and completely cooked by the time we were done.

Ride – 55 rolling miles.

Breakfast – none

Ride food – 2 small bottles of water 3 shot blocks.

View Interactive Map on

Jr High… And those amazing dances. I Need Your Help!

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Marcus Whitman… An amazing time for me. It’s when I found my love of running, cycling, theatre and music.

I also got to make out with some pretty hot girls, usually at the Jr High Dances.

I went to Jr High at an interesting time in music… it was a clash of Hair, Heavy Metal, New Hip Hop and of course… NKOTB. I was more of a Hair/ Heavy Metal guy myself… but you can’t make out with chicks when you are standing on the floor bopping your head up and down and screaming “Pour Some Sugar On Me Baaaaaabe”. Well, maybe you can but it takes a lot of talent. So I really tried to move in on the slow dance. Yeaaaaah baby. :-)

A huge memory? The smell. perfume, cologne, Dippity Doo gel, hairspray, sweat, tic tacs, booze and pot.

So this is where YOU come in. I need your favorite Junior High slow dance song. I’ll take one from you right now. You are not allowed to pick-

Sheriff – “When I’m With You”


Now… Bring it.

Friday Musical Interlude- Blah….

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I’m having a pretty bad week at work.  I’m not myself lately.


I’ll shake it off though… If you still want me.

And just because I’m in a “I whisper when I sing and make strange faces” mood…

Never under estimate the power of, “I’d like that”.

By the Way…

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No Rose Bowl for the Beavers.  Snap!