Jr High… And those amazing dances. I Need Your Help!

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Marcus Whitman… An amazing time for me. It’s when I found my love of running, cycling, theatre and music.

I also got to make out with some pretty hot girls, usually at the Jr High Dances.

I went to Jr High at an interesting time in music… it was a clash of Hair, Heavy Metal, New Hip Hop and of course… NKOTB. I was more of a Hair/ Heavy Metal guy myself… but you can’t make out with chicks when you are standing on the floor bopping your head up and down and screaming “Pour Some Sugar On Me Baaaaaabe”. Well, maybe you can but it takes a lot of talent. So I really tried to move in on the slow dance. Yeaaaaah baby. :-)

A huge memory? The smell. perfume, cologne, Dippity Doo gel, hairspray, sweat, tic tacs, booze and pot.

So this is where YOU come in. I need your favorite Junior High slow dance song. I’ll take one from you right now. You are not allowed to pick-

Sheriff – “When I’m With You”


Now… Bring it.

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  • Masterpiece – Atlantic Starr

    (1992 – John Sedgwick Junior High 9th grade dance)

    Travis — December 7, 2008 at 9:50 am
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