Weekend Wrap-up. Ah Hell, More Snow.

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Look!  More white shit falling from the sky!

Ro and I stayed indoors for most of the weekend with the exception of the occasional romp in the yard with the dogs or on foot to the village for groceries.  Some of Rosanna’s family came up and since the snow had stopped for a bit and the roads cleared enough I drove her down to Southcenter to do some craft shopping but on the way home the sky pulled down it boxers and pooped on us.

The weekend in pictoral review.


As the white schtuff started to fall…

and so it began.



Wait… there is snow on the road.  Where are all the idiots?  Don’t worry.  They’ll be there shortly.

White roh-adds



Maggie’s first “Real” snow experience.  Annabelle thinks every snow flake is a ball to chase.

Dogs in the Backyard



Realizing that the stairs are a bit slippery.   Maggie just couldn’t figure it out.  The look on her face was priceless.




Sunday just before noon.  I cleaned the two cars off yesterday.  *sigh*

The Driveway


So, before I go, I really need to post a shot from last weekend.  Rosanna and I hit up the Jingle Bell Run with some of her co-workers.  It was SO damn cold.


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