Saturday Ride

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Ride – 63 miles

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – coffee

Ride food – some bar that Alex had made for him… it was pretty good!  Small bottle of water, small bottle of cytomax.


On Eastlake I was feeling REALLY sluggish and I thought it was from Snownboarding yesterday.  I just felt like I was dragging an extra 50lbs,  Tony and I split off and headed back Newport to Mercer and back to the beginning.  When I got home I tossed the bike on the stand to toss another spacer on my stem.  As I turned the crank to flip through the gears my pedal wouldn’t turn, it was frozen stiff.   Guess I figured out why I felt sluggish! :-)


Time to head to uBRDO and have my pedals greased!

Off to Jeff’s now for some good cookin and maybe… just maybe… HALO!

Friday Snow Play.

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I took the day off from work today, which is VERY odd for me to tell you the truth. It felt like I was skipping school even though I was using a vacation day. While Rosanna headed off to work I tossed the board on top of the Rover and headed on up to Stevens.


It was fantastic. No lines, no crowded runs, no idiot boarders sitting right at the top trying to adjust their bindings. I did run after run after run without stopping. The snow was even ok considering the weather we have been having. Loved it. I really needed to do it.




Friday Musical Interlude – Toad the Wet Sprocket

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Formed in 1986 in Santa Barbabra California, Toad the Wet Sprocket and I have had a long and tumultuous relationship.  If I hear the song “All I Want” one more time I will stab myself in the eyeball with a large blunt object.  The catch is that it was that very song that made me buy the album “Fear” and then got me hooked on them.  They broke up in 1998 but have reunited for a few short tours, one of which was with the Counting Crows and I would have given my left nut to see that, with out the use of a large blunt object.

Glen Phillips continues to create amazing music both solo and with other musicians.  He recorded an album with Nickel Creek that was released in 2004 and still records with them now.

Walk on the Ocean (live)

Crowing (Glen Phillips)

and one of my favorite versions of Windmills…

Windmills (with Chris Thile)

Wednesday Ride. Tempo

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Ride – 18 miles

Bike – BMC SL01

Lunch – Tuna sandwich, tomato’s and cottage cheese

Ride food – water

Stats – resting 45 bpm max 175


Tried to keep it under 170.  Nice and easy spin up Marine View a couple of times to stretch the legs.  


Taking Friday off to go Snowboarding…. Pretty damn excited. :-)

Dear Boeing Machinists…

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Take a good look at our auto industry the next time you decide to try to cripple your company with one of those selfish strikes! 

Your union brass used you to pad their pockets and send themselves on hilariously expensive trips to sunny destinations and next week you get a pink slip.


Guess the strike wasn’t such a good idea, huh?

Monday Ride – Hill Sprint Repeats

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I love living in West Seattle.

After a long day in the saddle  yesterday I wanted to get some hill sprints in before the sun went down.  Best place for steep short hills?  Yup.  West Seattle

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Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-23 Ksyrium SL Wheels

Lunch – Pasta, ground Turkey with cottage cheese and baby carrots

Ride Food – Water

My favorite hills over here for sprints are Ferry Ave SW and Fairmount Ave SW.  Ferry is steep enough to keep you out of the saddle the entire way and long enough to rip your legs off halfway up and make you beg for mercy, it’s Like Holly Hill during TST.  Fairmount has a gradual grade until the last 100 yards and it kicks up pretty sharp, just like the end of Elma RR.  I hit 202 on the HR monitor on Ferry the second time up.  Vision got a little blurry so I backed off a bit.  Good quick ride, would have been better if I had a proper warm up.

To the 4 girls in the Jeep who were whistling and whooping at me on California.   You made me feel like a piece of meat just there for your visual entertainment.  


Double thanks for not calling me “Lance Armstrong” because, like, that’s SO 2004.


Off to the movies-

Sunday Ride

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Woke up to snow… yes snow.  God Damn Snow.

I still haven’t fixed the rear wheel on the Klein so my only rideable fendered bike is my fixie. So I pulled that out of the basement, tossed on as many clothes as I could and hit the road.  Alex, RC and Gabe showed up at Leschi and were full of piss and vinager when we hit the bridge to head east.  I could tell they wanted to hammer so I let them head off while I pressed on towards Renton.  It started to snow a little harder as got on the Cedar River trail and I must have missed the trail closed sign because I almost ran into the chain link fence blocking the trail underpass.  I had to back track a bit and then jump on 169 to fight the traffic.  Spun along Jones road pretty slowly, I forgot how much I love this part of the ride but also hate the fact I’m on the fixie.  My hands really started to get cold and the shivers set in so instead of heading towards Tiger Mountain I turned around on 169 and figured the ride would be long and cold enough.  The shivers and hunger really started hitting me hard on Mercer Island.  Stopped in for a cup of coffee and a chat with some of the Byrne group and then headed off.  All in all it was a great ride.  A little slow, a little cold and a little lonely but I needed it.

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Ride – 60 miles

Bike – Tempo fixed 42-16 Mavic Open Pro wheels

Breakfast – English muffin with turkey slices

Ride Food – Large bottle of water

Stats – Resting HR 40, Max HR 181, 164 pounds

Saturday – Snow Play!

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After a  breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches made by the wife and a packing of our lunch supplies, Rosanna and I tossed the snow gear in the Rover and headed up to Steven’s Pass for a few hours of slope time.  It hasn’t had any fresh fall in a while so the conditions weren’t so great on a lot of the runs but after a few tries we found a run that fit both of us and we scooted on down a few times and really had a great time.  The fog cleared and the sun was out, warming the 26 degrees when you popped out of the shadows.  All in all it was a great time.  I plan on taking a day off this week and running up there myself to take advantage of the season pass before racing season hits.  Hopefully we get another foot of fresh soon :-)



Friday Musical Interlude – A Crazy Nanny.

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Mary Poppins to be exact…  No don’t worry, I haven’t completely lost it, I’m just a big fan of nonsensical hysterical dancing, singing and laughter.  You know that book, “Everything I learned, I learned in Kindergarten” ?  Well, everything I learned, I learned from Mary and Bert.

Chim Chim Cheree!

I love To Laugh


Step In Time

Bert’s One Band Band

And At Last….

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Now please, don’t think for one second that his replacement can heal the sick by touch or walk on water.  It takes more than one man to fix a nation.  Step up.  Be a Man.  Be Responsible.  Work Hard.  Take Care of One Another.  Be Philinthropic.  

Be… Beautiful.

Sunday Team Ride

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Ride – 51 miles

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 Qrings x 11-23 Ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – bagel and cream cheese

Ride food – 2 small bottles of water, half a powerbar

stats – 167lbs, resting HR 42, Max HR 203

Rosanna and I woke up to chilly temps and fog.  AM 1000 (my wake up station… Travis Mayfield reporting!!!) was listing the accidents north and south from black ice.  Yay.  What’s the one thing you want to do in 35 degrees, fog and tired achy legs?  Well go out and ride of course!

We headed down to Leschi to meet my teammates and Ro’s friend and husband.  As my team headed off to do an epic day of Cedar Grove, Tiger, Squak, Zoo and Mercer… John and Lisa joined the four of us in an easy cruise around the south end of Mercer.  The three of us broke off on the east side and headed toward Cougar.

All in all it was a great ride.  For most of it we kept it an easy pace which I really needed as yesterday really had it’s way with my legs.  Halfway up Cougar my hamstring really started to ball up and John started pulling away and he got to the top about 20 yards ahead.  I cut a right and headed up to the very top and with my hamstring screaming I relied more on my quads and I am sure I looked like a monkey humping a football.  Just plain ridiculous.  The ride down Zoo was insane.  The road is way torn up and gravel was everywhere.   I hit 52mph before the hard left and then because of the road conditions I couldn’t keep a decent speed through the hairpins which was upsetting.  Coming down Zoo is one of my favorite parts of this ride.  Damn winter storms!

Back at Leschi, I spun down Lake WA Blvd to spin out my legs and try to work my hamstring out.  It was such a beautiful day that I forgot about the pain and enjoyed the sunshine.

Pictures from the day-



How the day started… foggy and cold



Ro cruising around Mercer Island with the crew



Above the fog on Mercer Island.  Looking South to Renton across the water



John and Lisa making the climb up Cougar look easy



Brian… contemplating his hamstrings.



How the day ended… 

Love it!

Stay Beautiful-

Saturday Team Ride

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Ride – 63 miles U Village to Snohomish and back, click above to view the route

Bike – BMC SL01, 51 35 Qrings x 11-23 Ksyrium SL wheels

Breakfast – 1 piece of bacon, toast and coffee

Ride Food – 1 small bottle of cytomax, 1 small bottle of water and half a powerbar

Weight – 167


Start time was 8am from U Village.  I thought about starting from West Seattle but it would have meant waking up SUPER early, too much clothing and 20 pounds of lighting gear so I opted to drive.  As we rolled out of UV my legs felt tired and heavy so I hung at the back for a few miles to warm them up.  We had a great group and I was able to snap a few shots before the batteries died.


As we hit Seattle Hill Road the visibility went to almost zero.  The fog was so thick I was really worried about cars not being able to see us and pulling out on to the road in front of us.  Obviously Martin and GReg didn’t really feel the same way beacuse they flew past me like I was standing still so what else to do but chase them down?

Lowell was a rolling pace line to the top of River and I sat on the back with Dustin and Jeff while we let everyone else do the work.  Well, we sat on the back until the overpass when Dustin and I pulled out and he gave me an awesome lead out for the sprint.  Chalk that one up as the first (and possibly ONLY) for the season ;-)

The trip back was fairly calm until 156th and Martin tried for a solo run.  Greg and a few other chased him down and had a great sprint to the top, I eased off as I just wanted to MAKE IT to the top.  My legs were fried and I needed a little extra to get home.


All in all a good ride.  We have a strong team (especially Alex… Holy !#$*)  Good times to be had, hope I feel decent for tomorrows ride.

Not Witty Enough For a Funny Title. How About… “Stuff”

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Rock Racing is to announce Schwinn as their bike for 09.  I guess it IS the year of the comeback, right Lancy pants?

Schwinn… really?  How far the great have fallen.  Why not Paramount/ Waterford?  Hell, right now even a Huffy would have a better name.  Now THAT would be a come back.  (I know… they weren’t REAL Huffy’s on the 7-11 squad)

anyway… what else has happened.

Sounds like Pru-Dizzle is back in the PacNorWest Stomping grounds.  We’ll see if he entered any pie eating contests while down in the motherland when The Mason Lake World Championships come-a-callin.  

You have probably noticed them out there.  The new Thumbprint racing kits have come in and are being sported around town.  See them personally at the top step of a podium near you.

The viaduct solution has finally been found.  Tunnel! Yes!  The next person I hear trying to compare it to “The Big Dig” needs to get kicked in the nuts and NO this is not the tunnel that was voted on.  This makes sense and you can’t change my mind.  Don’t even try.

I’m back to playing my guitar.  Haven’t really done it for a couple of years.  It was lonely.

out like trout-

Weekend wrap up

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Phew.  I’m back into training mode.


Saturday was a south end and Mercer cruise that ended up with a couple of broken spokes at the end.  I sent an email to Harris Cyclery who built them ( It’s a handbuilt set of Sun wheels dished for a 6 speed feewheel to fit my Klein Touring bike)  and let them know they snapped right at the head on oppisite sides of the wheel, which is kind of odd.  I’m sure I will end up repairing if not rebuilding them myself.  I havent strung a wheel in 15 years it might be nice to try it again.

Ride – 45 miles

Breakfast – nothing

Ride food – bottle of cytomax

Bike – Klein Performance Touring 53-44 x 12-27


Sunday was the longest ride of the new year.  75 miles on the fixed gear which, at the end, feels like 100.  From west Seattle I rode to Fremont to meet the team which turned out to be just RC and then headed around the southend of Lake WA.  RC had to turn around so I rode up to Kirkland to meet the second team ride at Cafe Ladro. As they rode away to do the 7 hills loop I continued around the North end of the lake on back and started to feel a bit cross eyed on Nickerson.  I love riding fixed by the way.  :-)


Ride – 75 miles

Breakfast – toast and cream cheese

Ride food – large bottle of cytomax and 2 shot blocks

Bike – Tempo Fixie 42 x 16


I have been focusing a lot of energy lately on remodeling our 1/4 bath in the media room.  I tore up all the tile, removed the sink and toilet and then floated the walls.  Ro needs to go pick out some colors, tile and wainscoting so I can finish it up!


On to the work week.  hopefully I can ride into work a couple of times.  Maybe get some running miles in after work up and down Thistle or Roxberry.

Friday Musical Interlude – Polyphonic Spree

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Time to be happy folks….


Light & Day

Cover of Lithium (Nirvana)

We Crawl

Odd week so far.

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Freak snow storms, Blustery days and record rain fall.

Oh my.

Sunday afternoon I spent over at Evan’s house fiddling with his new bike, web geekery and beer before walking into a sudden snow storm.  12 hours and 5 inches later I realized that snow belongs in the mountains where it’s fun, not on my driveway where I can fall down and break my ass.  Monday and Tuesday brought rain and wind.  The type of wind that makes your garbage can find it’s way a black down the road and cracked from being hit by cars and the type of rain that finds it’s way through your emergency patch on the chimney flashing.

Sigh…  Sometimes I think Ro and I should have followed her sister down to San Diego, maybe even Denver (It’s sunny 300 days out of the year!).  I love it here too much and I know when March comes around and I start racing again that all of this will be just a memory.

Tonight was a stroll through U Village in the rain with Ro, a bite to eat at World Wraps and now I’m off to pluck the strings of my guitar.

Have a good night, enjoy the sounds of the rain on your roof and stay beautiful-

Snowshoe Day

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Rosanna and I woke up early on Saturday morning and headed up to Snoqualmie Nordic Center for some fun in the snow.  Conditions were great and we had some great variance in trail quality.  Since the pass had been closed the day before, the lower trail had been snowed over so you had a vague idea of where it was (along with the trail markers pounded into trees) but the upper trail from the power lines to the junction past Hyak was completely snowed over so we had to huff it up the power line.   Ro was a little hesitant because it looked completely untracked and though it would be a bitch of a climb.  I was convinced that it must have been fresh fall on hard pack because of the utility trail that runs down the middle.  Rosanna was right.  5 steps into the ascent, I fall all the way up to my waist.  

I need to listen to wife more often.

Great day up in the mountain.

So what does one who just spent all day trekking through the snow do?  Well he goes out and rides an hour and a half in the driving rain and wind :-)

I’m tired now.  Beer me!

Pictures up-


Rosanna barely got out of the way


Brian making a trail


Take a break at the Powerlines, wondering which way we should pick



Rosanna checking out the view



Quads were getting tired, had to take a groomed run back :-)





Ladro BMC.jpg

As if I didn’t get enough punishment.  Thank God for Ladro… I needed a boost to get home.

Friday Musical Interlude – James Taylor

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5 decades..  The singer-songwriter with one of the most beautiful voices to take the stage.  James Taylor.

After kicking a massive heroin addiction in the late 60’s, JT really stepped into the light with the release of Sweet Baby James and Gorilla as well as a stinit with Art Garfunkel in 78.  in 1988 James release the album that really got me hooked on him, “Never Die Young” and later a live version is a must have.the 90’s and on have been a mix of producing, voice overs for shows like the Simpsons and the movie Cars, many collaborations with other artists and charitable work.

Let me tell you… it is VERY hard for me to only pick a few selections to put up here but here goes.

How Sweet it Is, duet with Oscar the Grouch.

Fire and Rain

Something in the Way She Moves

Never Die Young

And this last one is a little special. I chose this song to dance with my mother at my wedding.

Sweet Baby James

Happy Friday, hope you enjoy them!

Holiday Recap and a Team Ride

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It seems like forever since I’ve come to chat with you.  It’s been so hectic lately and with the new web restrictions at work, I am unable to type a few lines when it pops in my head.

Rosanna and I were able to spend the Christmas holiday with our families with the exception of our younger siblings.  Evan was down south and Rebecca was stuck in Walla Walla but hopefully plans will come together soon as I miss both of them and feel like I haven’t hung out with Evan in ages.  I was able to see a majority of my Aunts, Uncles, cousins and their children last weekend.  As much as I love seeing all of them (and talking to Michelle on the phone) I constantly feel like I am missing half of my family.  My dad’s brother lives on the East coast as does his youngest and my oldest cousin lives in Texas and really wish that we could all get together some time soon.  I hope they know that even with the passing of dad that they ARE still my uncle and cousins and I do think of them and miss them.  So Rob, Ken (Dana and the kids!) and Matt… Merry Christmas.  I love and miss you.

New Years was a blast.  Rosanna and I headed out with Jeff, Paige, Greg, Suzie, Dustin and Elizabeth to the Connor Building for cocktails then a drive up to Capitol Hill to Poppies for wine and dinner before the clock hit midnight and the Space Needle blew up.  The weather didn’t cause too many problems, just a little cold and a few rain drops.  Ahem… I heard Jeff had to wash the inside and outside of the car this morning. Nice!

Today I went out on a quick team ride with Dustin, Greg, Jeff, Dean and Tony.  I think it was about 39 degrees and though we had a few showers in the morning we looked to be in the clear for a few hours.  Or maybe until we get to the East side :-)  we got pretty soaked and the once dry hands and feet turned quickly to ice blocks.  You could tell everyone was pretty miserable as the chipper conversation died off and the occasional “Damn my (insert body part) is freezing” was mumbled.  Tony obviously didn’t get the memo that we joined a new team as he was decked out in Byrne gear.  but by the end of the ride, he looked the warmest.

Ride- 40 miles

Bike – Klein Performance Touring 53-42 x 12-27 Sun wheels

Breakfast – Egg and sourdough toast

Ride Food – small bottle of water

Comments?  Damn my pecker was cold.  ;-)

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season.  Thanks for sticking with me this last year and I do appreciate all of the emails for music recommendations, Racing, riding and picture updates and all the comments that you leave.

You are all Beautiful.  Stay that way-

Happy New Year.