Snowshoe Day

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Rosanna and I woke up early on Saturday morning and headed up to Snoqualmie Nordic Center for some fun in the snow.  Conditions were great and we had some great variance in trail quality.  Since the pass had been closed the day before, the lower trail had been snowed over so you had a vague idea of where it was (along with the trail markers pounded into trees) but the upper trail from the power lines to the junction past Hyak was completely snowed over so we had to huff it up the power line.   Ro was a little hesitant because it looked completely untracked and though it would be a bitch of a climb.  I was convinced that it must have been fresh fall on hard pack because of the utility trail that runs down the middle.  Rosanna was right.  5 steps into the ascent, I fall all the way up to my waist.  

I need to listen to wife more often.

Great day up in the mountain.

So what does one who just spent all day trekking through the snow do?  Well he goes out and rides an hour and a half in the driving rain and wind :-)

I’m tired now.  Beer me!

Pictures up-


Rosanna barely got out of the way


Brian making a trail


Take a break at the Powerlines, wondering which way we should pick



Rosanna checking out the view



Quads were getting tired, had to take a groomed run back :-)





Ladro BMC.jpg

As if I didn’t get enough punishment.  Thank God for Ladro… I needed a boost to get home.

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