Odd week so far.

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Freak snow storms, Blustery days and record rain fall.

Oh my.

Sunday afternoon I spent over at Evan’s house fiddling with his new bike, web geekery and beer before walking into a sudden snow storm.  12 hours and 5 inches later I realized that snow belongs in the mountains where it’s fun, not on my driveway where I can fall down and break my ass.  Monday and Tuesday brought rain and wind.  The type of wind that makes your garbage can find it’s way a black down the road and cracked from being hit by cars and the type of rain that finds it’s way through your emergency patch on the chimney flashing.

Sigh…  Sometimes I think Ro and I should have followed her sister down to San Diego, maybe even Denver (It’s sunny 300 days out of the year!).  I love it here too much and I know when March comes around and I start racing again that all of this will be just a memory.

Tonight was a stroll through U Village in the rain with Ro, a bite to eat at World Wraps and now I’m off to pluck the strings of my guitar.

Have a good night, enjoy the sounds of the rain on your roof and stay beautiful-

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