Not Witty Enough For a Funny Title. How About… “Stuff”

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Rock Racing is to announce Schwinn as their bike for 09.  I guess it IS the year of the comeback, right Lancy pants?

Schwinn… really?  How far the great have fallen.  Why not Paramount/ Waterford?  Hell, right now even a Huffy would have a better name.  Now THAT would be a come back.  (I know… they weren’t REAL Huffy’s on the 7-11 squad)

anyway… what else has happened.

Sounds like Pru-Dizzle is back in the PacNorWest Stomping grounds.  We’ll see if he entered any pie eating contests while down in the motherland when The Mason Lake World Championships come-a-callin.  

You have probably noticed them out there.  The new Thumbprint racing kits have come in and are being sported around town.  See them personally at the top step of a podium near you.

The viaduct solution has finally been found.  Tunnel! Yes!  The next person I hear trying to compare it to “The Big Dig” needs to get kicked in the nuts and NO this is not the tunnel that was voted on.  This makes sense and you can’t change my mind.  Don’t even try.

I’m back to playing my guitar.  Haven’t really done it for a couple of years.  It was lonely.

out like trout-

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  • heck yes to the tunnel!!! I totally agree…NOT the big-dig, NOT boston’s mistake, totally different. We put a tunnel through Beacon Hill…we can do it under downtown. this IS the best choice…now if Frank Chopp doesn’t pony-up…it might be time to try and take him down with a dem challenger in the primary.

    Travis — January 17, 2009 at 9:53 am
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