Sunday Ride

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Woke up to snow… yes snow.  God Damn Snow.

I still haven’t fixed the rear wheel on the Klein so my only rideable fendered bike is my fixie. So I pulled that out of the basement, tossed on as many clothes as I could and hit the road.  Alex, RC and Gabe showed up at Leschi and were full of piss and vinager when we hit the bridge to head east.  I could tell they wanted to hammer so I let them head off while I pressed on towards Renton.  It started to snow a little harder as got on the Cedar River trail and I must have missed the trail closed sign because I almost ran into the chain link fence blocking the trail underpass.  I had to back track a bit and then jump on 169 to fight the traffic.  Spun along Jones road pretty slowly, I forgot how much I love this part of the ride but also hate the fact I’m on the fixie.  My hands really started to get cold and the shivers set in so instead of heading towards Tiger Mountain I turned around on 169 and figured the ride would be long and cold enough.  The shivers and hunger really started hitting me hard on Mercer Island.  Stopped in for a cup of coffee and a chat with some of the Byrne group and then headed off.  All in all it was a great ride.  A little slow, a little cold and a little lonely but I needed it.

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Ride – 60 miles

Bike – Tempo fixed 42-16 Mavic Open Pro wheels

Breakfast – English muffin with turkey slices

Ride Food – Large bottle of water

Stats – Resting HR 40, Max HR 181, 164 pounds

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