Weekend Race Wrap-Up

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Saturday I woke up to a birthday party induced hangover.  Was it the Belgian Lager, the Tequila or the Scotch?  Had to be the Tequila.  Bagged out racing at IVRR as the weather was absolute crap and I had no intention of driving all the way down there just to end up hypothermic.  I ended up meeting Dustin at Leschi and spinning around Mercer Island in 38 degrees and pouring rain instead.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the house, working on the bikes and hydrating/ fueling up for the Sunday race.

Sunday – PoC RR in Woodland, WA.  Although it is in Washington this race is through OBRA and I think they have it dialed.  Organization, volunteers, quick results posted, great site… No slam on WSBA at all because I think they are really trying to improve what we are but OBRA is the bee’s knee’s.

Race – 50 miles. Absolutely pancake flat (80’ of total gain!) and WINDY
Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 x 11-21 Easton EC90 wheels
Breakfast – Turkey sandwich, Rice, banana and HEED
Ride Food – 1 small bottle of Endurance mix, 1 small bottle of water

Weight – 163
Max HR – 206 (Ha!)
Avg HR – 135
Min HR – 91
Rest  HR – 43

Riders-  Cat 3 Tony B, Jeff D, Brian S
              Cat 2 Dustin V
A complete opposite from what our teammates had at IVRR, we had sunshine and 55 degrees of beautifulness.  It was a tad windy at the start and turned to blustery through our first lap and continued to get worse all race.  The first (of three) I hung close to the back of the pack keeping every bit of me I could out of the wind. Jeff sat about mid pack and Tony up front maybe 10 to 15 wheels back.  We seemed to gravitate towards each other through the first 10 miles, said our hellos and then got separated again.  The wind was a considerable factor, folks would make a move on the cross wind before the bump up to the long tailwind section where we felt like we were absolutely flying.  The gradual left turn would put us face into the wind and we would slow to a crawl a few folks would try to jump off but it was never going to work.  Second lap saw Tony pushing the pace with a few pops off the front joined by a few strong riders. An attack here, a chase there but nothing was sticking.  I moved to the front to take Tony’s spot as he was the sprinter for the day, if he can’t get away we better make sure he’s fresh and it’s strung out for the trip to the line. I popped up to the front and stayed 3rd to 5th wheel for the remainder of the race and buried myself on the final 5k.  It was head down, screaming legs and a place that I have never been in before.  I think I made a small break through on the pain scale and am pretty damn proud of myself. At 3K Jeff screams that he’s behind me and we are both yelling for Tony.  A voice from next to Jeff says “I’m right here, man” but it’s the wrong Tony :-).  For a second I think that all of this work is for nothing until 3 riders blow past on our left and T-dog is riding the back of them. We hit the turn at 800 meters and the wheel Tony’s following overcooks into the gravel, luckily he stays up and continues the crank to the line.  Jeff passes me and I’m done.  I sit up at 200 and finish with the pack coming around me.  I had nothing left at all for a sprint and I was happy to help Tony get a place. 

65 Cat 3 riders started the day-
Tony – 7th
Jeff – 23rd
Brian – 44th

40 Cat 1/2 riders
Dustin – 10th

Friday Musical Interlude – Damien Rice

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I Remember

Cold Water

Rootless Tree

Thursday Training Ride – Motor Pacing

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Motor pacing around Mercer Island at 28 mph is a blast. Especially when the motor happens to be Dustin “Holy Finger” Van Wyck. I had a pretty hard day yesterday and the legs weren’t doing so well until about halfway around the island so I just rode Dustin’s or Aaron’s wheel (who had a backpack on the size of a small trailer) until he backed off and then I shot out to chase down some dude in a blue jacket. I hate them blue jackets!

Good Times.

Oh Snizzle Snap!

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Heck yes.

Guess who’s coming back!!

Actually, everytime I hear that song I get flashbacks of Steve Buscemi singing “True” at the end of Wedding Singer in that awful awful (but oh so beautiful) suit.

Wednesday Training Ride

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Had a chance to escape a bit early, run home, change and jump on the bike.   I headed down 35th, and through Luna Park where I blew my rear tire.  Quick change and I was up and running again until my front tire felt a little squishy.  ANOTHER flat!  Must have ran through a pile of glass and didn’t notice.  Luckily I had a second tube and another cartridge but I played it safe till I got to Leschi where I ran into a couple Thumbprint guys and Eduardo from Cucina.  I wished them a happy ride and hit the bike shop to grab another tube and CO2.  I shot across Mercer and started my first ride up Newport from Factoria to Eastgate and stayed in the saddle the whole time just working on quick powerful circles.  turned around and headed back down and immediately did my second one this time out of the saddle all the way up.  I pushed the third one as hard as I could and took a bit of time to rest at the top, spinning though one of the neighborhoods which let me witness a repo guy driving away from a VERY angry guy watching his Ford Superduty get pulled away.

Ride – 45 miles

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SSC SL wheels

Ride food –  small bottle of HEED & small bottle of water

Avg HR 124

Max HR 189

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Lance Armstrong is twitterific.

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Lancie-pants might have just twittered a bit too much…



Race Report, Sunday – Sequim TdD #2

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Well, it took long enough but my first race of 2009 is officially done.  I was feeling pretty rotten Saturday and into Sunday morning.  I have a chest cold – mucusy thing going on that I can’t shake.  I honestly gave myself a chance of finishing 4 laps but I made it to the finish with gas to spare.  Heck, I wish they had kept it at 72 miles instead of the 60 we were dropped to.  I ended up feeling great.


Bike – BMC SL01  51/35 x 11/23 Easton EC90 wheels

Breakfast – Turkey sandwich, cottage cheese and a Malto/ Endurance drink mix

Ride food – two small bottles of HEED, one gu shot and 2 shot blocks

Average speed 24.3

Max speed 39.4

Max HR 187

Average HR 137

Weight 164


It was an early morning.  I was up at 5:30 to go pick up Tony and catch the 7:10 ferry.  The weather was perfect for me, no rain and a slight chill.  The wind hadn’t really starting blowing yet and would hold off until about our second lap.  My chest and legs felt seriously heavy for the first 24 miles.  I hung at the back while my teammates played at the front.  Brad and Alex were taking early jumps to see if anyone would bite.  I made my way up and actually tried a jump myself but was quickly reeled back in.  Aaron Shaw made a great move to bridge up to Matt Osetto and it seemed to stick.  I think the largest was 1:05 on the pack and I really thought they had a chance to pull it off.  Wines came to the front and their first couple of attempts to get organized and chase weren’t working but when they got into the groove and the pace picked up, Chauvin and I started to bring our teams up to spoil the chase.  Carter REALLY helped us police the front end but when Recycled came up to help the chase it was over.  Big props to the Recycled crew.  Those guys raced super well together and as I said over on Alex’s blog, if they hadn’t have come up it would have been Shaw and Osetto sprinting it out for 1st and 2nd.


In the heat of competition, words and emotions can get out of hand.  Remember the old saying “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?” well, disrupting a chase (which is perfectly fine by the way) by jumping into the paceline is not “blocking”. Sure, it pisses you off and it’s hard to get yourself reorganized.  Get angry, yell, scream call us bad names.  It’s ok!  It’s part of the race.  We all want to win.  But when the threats start to get physical and you start throwing elbows or try to manhandle your competitor off the road you have just turned into a d-bag.  Don’t do it.  If you want to go that direction join another sport.


Anyway the break got caught and Wines sprinted for a good win with Bicycle Center hitting second.


Darren jumped like mad and grabbed 4th only to be told he was DQ’d for centerline rules (damn you!)  Brad 6th,  Tony 9th, Aaron 12th myself 25th Alex 26th and Jake DNF’d with a mechanical (called 4 year old tires… c’mon man!)


I really had fun.  It was a good first race (sick or not) for the year.  Next will be Independence Valley this weekend.


Have a fantastic Monday and stay beautiful!

Friday Musical Interlude – Tyrone Wells

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 Tyrone Wells …  Just another white kid with an acoustic guitar trying to be like this idiot?

Nope… Fortunately, Tyrone Wells has talent.



Give me One Reason (with Jason Reeves)

Monday Thought of the Week

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If girls with large breasts work at Hooters, then do why do all the girls at IHOP have both legs?

On a more serious note… So long Seattle PI.  Millions of trees just applauded.

Weekend Race Report Mason Lake #2 and Ravensdale

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Saturday – Mason Lake #2

Breakfast – Eggs, bagel and cream cheese, water
Ride Food – none
Bike – None

What? Yeah, I didn’t race Mason Lake. I worked on the planking and wiring in our bathroom instead. Rosanna was at the Bike Expo and I was remodeling. Looks like I missed a miserably cold and nasty day though so I’m not too upset. Cathy Varland won in the women’s 4, Darren Marino got another good sprint in and Alex was again in another break away. Speaking of Alex, I though he was joking when he said he was going to use his 1080 front wheel. Pictures prove that it was NOT a joke and I’m sure the fast looking front of his bike scared the bejeezus out of the rest of the pack.

Sunday – Joe Bar / Ravensdale

I woke up Sunday about 7 in the morning and didn’t hear rain on the roof. I was ecstatic! Finally a somewhat dry start to a race! Drew back the curtains and… Snow? Really? Checked the Budu racing website to see that the races had been delayed. I felt sorry for the cat 4/5 guys out there shivering in the weather waiting to get word from the Officials. Then it came… Canceled. The later races (mine) were still TBD. I had already made up my mind though and was feverishly typing away in my phone to teammates that I was bagging the race. Dustin seemed to be the only guy determined (crazy?) enough to still race. Word was handed down though an hour later that yes, the entire race had been called.

Then the sun came out.

What to do? Well I went for a ride of course!

Bike – Klein Performance Touring 53-42 x 12-27 Sun wheels
Ride – 45 miles
Ride food – 1 large bottle of HEED and a bottle of water

The sun was matched only by the force of the wind which I enjoyed thoroughly at my back for pretty much the whole first half of the ride. I-90 bridge was awful though and the cross wind almost blew me off the bike twice. I bounced into the side barrier avoiding an oncoming O.C.C (Out of Control Cyclist). It was headwind all the way back home with the rain starting fall as I headed up the hill into West Seattle.

The evening was capped off by dinner with the wife at a place down the hill. Fajita Burrito with extra guac and a couple of well earned beers.

Have a great week and Stay Beautiful-

Friday Musical Interlude – A Perfect Circle

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“You are such an inspiration for the words that I will never ever chose to be.”

A Perfect Circle –

3 Libras



Weak and Powerless

“None of it Loved You Back”

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The above is from one of my friends and teammate Ryan Dean after he heard of my rig being broken into yesterday afternoon while I was out riding with the team.  Laptop, wallet, ipods,  money, clothes, a bunch of my kit, a set of wheels, my glasses and on and on.  It is just so frustrating.

Crowded parking lot, busy park and know one notices a back window being smashed out?

So last night was spent making a list of belongings, canceling cards and accounts and basically feeling miserable with the only light being that I back my laptop up to an extrnal drive.

None of it loved me back.  They didn’t steal my family, my friends or my stinky dogs and I’m still upright.

Monday Thought of the Week.

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Picture this-

Race day.  A guy who has 8 of his teammates in the pack launches off the front.  The rest of his team patrols the front and does a damn good job of it.  Great teamwork ensues and they eventually get the win.

During this example of great teamwork, another team in that same race is rolling 10  strong.  They sit in the back and pretend they are knitting.



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Congrats to my brother and his fiance.

Welcome to the family, Tara!

Mason Lake and Tour de Dungeness 1 Race Report.

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Fooled you.

Didn’t do either.  I worked on a bathroom remodel pretty much all day Saturday and decided that racing in the freezing cold for Sunday is not tops on my “Yay that’s fun!” list so bagged all thoughts of my first racing of 2009 and Rosanna and I are heading up to go skiing.

Rumor mill though says the IJM.org men had a good day.  3rd in the cat 5,  1st and 3rd in the cat 4, 5th and 6th in cat 3.  I haven’t heard anything about the Masters or any of the women’s group yet.  

Good luck to my team as the chug on over to Sequim today.  

I’m headed to Steven’s.

Friday Musical Interlude – New iPod Playlist

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New playlist time.  The first 5 songs are-

Aqualung – Brighter Than Sunshine

Modest Mouse – Float On

Citizen Cope – Let the Drummer Kick

Gorillaz – November Has Come

Keane – Bedshaped

Enjoy the tunes, have a fantastic weekend. Pictures and race results/ report from Saturday OR Sunday will be up Sunday evening.

Stay Beautiful!


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For those of you following me on Facebook, you have already heard of my brush with death thanks to what my wife thinks is an allergic reaction to an oyster (or two).

This is going to get graphic and I am only writing this more for myself so I can come back to it the next time I want to slurp down an oyster shooter and pop myself in the nut sack with a nail gun.  So, if you have the stomach for it, keep going. Read the rest of this entry »

Why are you all thinking so negatively?

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We have 91.9% employment and 94% of us are paying our mortgages on time!  Stop being so “glass half empty”.

By the way… I haven’t looked at my 401k in 2 months.  Not gonna do it either!

Monday Thought of the Week… On Wednesday.

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I’ve been so busy lately.  Training, house stuff, husband stuff, team stuff, work….

Not exactly in that order.

While glueing a tire last night down in my shop, my ipod clicked over to a Van Halen track.  I won’t tell you which one because I don’t want YOU to know my answer to the Monday thought of the week (on Wednesday)

So the thought is….

Van Halen.  David or Sammy?


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One more successful orbit around the sun for me.

Congrats to my wife, family and friends for being able to handle it.

Stay Beautiful!

Saturday – Training Ride

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Saturday was planned on being a long and slow team ride.  We accomplished half of that.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

It ended up being quite a bit faster than I planned.


Ride – 112 miles.  Home, Snohomish, Monroe and back home.

Bike – Flyte SRS2 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels.

Breakfast – 2 eggs, pasta and cottage cheese

Ride Food – 1 large and 1 small bottle of HEED, 1 snickers bar and half a can of coke

Stats – 164 pounds, resting HR 46, max HR 199

I was only in serious trouble once as we road up High Bridge.  My body felt slow and weak and I couldn’t get it kicked over to keep up with Greg.  Thankfully Jeff D was in a similar state and we traded pulls.  Encouraging words go really far when your tongue is dragging on your front wheel.


We stopped off at a gas station and I ate the rest of my snickers and had some chugs of Greg’s coke and we headed home.  I started to get a little cross eyed in Fremont but I managed to survive.