Weekend Race Wrap-Up

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Saturday I woke up to a birthday party induced hangover.  Was it the Belgian Lager, the Tequila or the Scotch?  Had to be the Tequila.  Bagged out racing at IVRR as the weather was absolute crap and I had no intention of driving all the way down there just to end up hypothermic.  I ended up meeting Dustin at Leschi and spinning around Mercer Island in 38 degrees and pouring rain instead.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the house, working on the bikes and hydrating/ fueling up for the Sunday race.

Sunday – PoC RR in Woodland, WA.  Although it is in Washington this race is through OBRA and I think they have it dialed.  Organization, volunteers, quick results posted, great site… No slam on WSBA at all because I think they are really trying to improve what we are but OBRA is the bee’s knee’s.

Race – 50 miles. Absolutely pancake flat (80’ of total gain!) and WINDY
Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 x 11-21 Easton EC90 wheels
Breakfast – Turkey sandwich, Rice, banana and HEED
Ride Food – 1 small bottle of Endurance mix, 1 small bottle of water

Weight – 163
Max HR – 206 (Ha!)
Avg HR – 135
Min HR – 91
Rest  HR – 43

Riders-  Cat 3 Tony B, Jeff D, Brian S
              Cat 2 Dustin V
A complete opposite from what our teammates had at IVRR, we had sunshine and 55 degrees of beautifulness.  It was a tad windy at the start and turned to blustery through our first lap and continued to get worse all race.  The first (of three) I hung close to the back of the pack keeping every bit of me I could out of the wind. Jeff sat about mid pack and Tony up front maybe 10 to 15 wheels back.  We seemed to gravitate towards each other through the first 10 miles, said our hellos and then got separated again.  The wind was a considerable factor, folks would make a move on the cross wind before the bump up to the long tailwind section where we felt like we were absolutely flying.  The gradual left turn would put us face into the wind and we would slow to a crawl a few folks would try to jump off but it was never going to work.  Second lap saw Tony pushing the pace with a few pops off the front joined by a few strong riders. An attack here, a chase there but nothing was sticking.  I moved to the front to take Tony’s spot as he was the sprinter for the day, if he can’t get away we better make sure he’s fresh and it’s strung out for the trip to the line. I popped up to the front and stayed 3rd to 5th wheel for the remainder of the race and buried myself on the final 5k.  It was head down, screaming legs and a place that I have never been in before.  I think I made a small break through on the pain scale and am pretty damn proud of myself. At 3K Jeff screams that he’s behind me and we are both yelling for Tony.  A voice from next to Jeff says “I’m right here, man” but it’s the wrong Tony :-).  For a second I think that all of this work is for nothing until 3 riders blow past on our left and T-dog is riding the back of them. We hit the turn at 800 meters and the wheel Tony’s following overcooks into the gravel, luckily he stays up and continues the crank to the line.  Jeff passes me and I’m done.  I sit up at 200 and finish with the pack coming around me.  I had nothing left at all for a sprint and I was happy to help Tony get a place. 

65 Cat 3 riders started the day-
Tony – 7th
Jeff – 23rd
Brian – 44th

40 Cat 1/2 riders
Dustin – 10th

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  • Good work and good report. Pain is weakness leaving your body. Think how much less weakness you have no! Eff you and your sunshine though…

    ryan — March 30, 2009 at 8:27 am
  • Dude, you rock! All the work you and Jeff did in this race was beyond the call of duty. Your pain up front strung it out enough to let the sprint form. Otherwise we probably would have been 40+ going into 200m. We have the best bunch of guys on our team. Thanks man.

    Tony — March 30, 2009 at 12:56 pm
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