Weekend Wrap Up. Bonking and Dog Poop

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Saturday morning met the team at Leschi at 8am for an absolutely beautiful ride out to Snoqualmie Falls, the upper loop and then back home.  For some reason I just never got the legs and the lungs going.  I’ve been fighting this chest crud for what seems like a month now and the pollen count is off the charts so the entire morning was Brian coughing wheezing and basically trying to hold on for the entire 70 mile ride.  The guys turned around and waited for me a few times (even though I told them not to)  and Jeff rode with me for a bit too as he wasn’t in the mood to hammer.  I actually started to feel  good about mile 55 but promptly bonked when we hit mercer Island, creeping back to the car at a blazing 8mph.  There are always days like this, days that the body just doesn’t want to go.  Today was my day.  I just wished it wouldn’t have happened on such a beautiful day and on this ride.  I love this route but it’s brutal if the body doesn’t respond.

Bike BMC SL01 51-35 x 11-21 Ksyrium SSC wheels
Ride – 72 miles Snoqualmie Falls
Breakfast – Pasta, cheese, French bread
Ride Food – 1 large bottle of Endurance, 1 small bottle of HEED, 3 shot blocks

I was out of my mind really after that ride and recovered with a few (read FIVE) Dick’s Cheeseburgers.  I know… not healthy but I had the urge.  Then Hit up pizza with Aaron, Jeff and Dustin.

Sunday was all yard work.  Raked up brush, trimmed the hedge, pulled weeds and scrubbed the brick porch.  Then I went out in the backyard to mow the dog poop. Good times.

Rosanna spent all weekend at the Walk MS event.  Fantastic weather for it too!  I haven’t heard what the official tally is for fundraising but when I do I’ll post it.
Stay Beautiful!

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