I’m still alive… I promise

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Sheesh it’s been busy.

I’ll do a longer recap of the Tour of Walla Walla stage race.  I’ll just say that it was hard… REALLY hard.  In fact, the new Friday stage was the hardest race I have EVER done, next to TST a few years ago.  The team had a great showing in all categories for men and women.  Rosanna got to ride her cruiser bike all over Walla Walla with Elizabeth and wine tasted while all of us were killing each other in the hills.

Oh my god hills.  I need more climbing.  Lot’s more climbing.

Quick tip to those who put on night crits.  It’s supposed to be dark, I know, and it’s really cool but make sure their is adequate lighting to see a couple feet in front of you, at least on the corners.  That was $@%^ ridiculous.

Brad had a nasty fall on Sunday but because he has 20 pound stones hanging off him he got back up and finished the race, then drove himself to the ER.  Holy crap.

Rosanna and I ended the life of a deer on I-90 heading home.  Deer meat and blood all over the car and bikes.  Not a pretty sight.

More to come, I just wanted you all to know I was still alive and kicking.  More recap and photo’s to follow-

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