Ravensdale Road Race 5-9-09

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IJM.org / Thumbprint representation in the Cat 3 field

Brad K, Aaron S, Tony B, Darren M and myself.

Beautiful day for racing.  I still went with arm warmers but took them off on the first lap.  The sun seemed to bring everyone out as all categories looked packed which on a wider road course would have been much more enjoyable but with these out in Ravensdale made for a lot of bumping and pushing.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, Alex R from Garage and I are at the front with an easy neutral roll out pace.  We were confident that we were neutral to the “y” where the circuit starts and were floored when a Lenovo kid flies past us on the right, locks on to the back of the lead car and is gone.  GONE.  All of us are convinced that he will be DQ’d for either jumping the neutral or drafting the lead car so no one really chases.

Lap two (of six) I hit a pothole and lose my bottle.  My FULL bottle.  I have flashbacks of last year when bottles were flying right and left and we lost half the pack due to crashes.  Luckily I’m at the BACK and don’t create the carnage that should have ensued.  I feel bad… really bad and the loss of the bottle makes it even worse.  I think about pulling out on the 3rd lap… Water almost gone, sketchy riders doing stupid stuff.  Taking HUGE risks that get the no where.  Just stupid.  Lap 4 I’m feeling better.  The legs aren’t feeling as heavy but I’m out of water and my mouth is starting to go dry.  Some guy lets me take a pull off his bottle and that helps but I know I’ll be hurting soon. I can’t see what’s going on up front but I notice a couple IJM jerseys pop off the sharp end of the group every now and then… Nothing is getting away as Hagens is chasing everything down (even their own?). Lap 5 I move to the front and hear the time gap to the Lenovo kid.


2:30???  Holy !@$%

He’s still racing.  He’s not DQ’d

I fight the 5th lap just to stay up since I know moving up on lap 6 will be almost impossible because of the narrow roads.  I’m parched… completely dry.  I can feel the coagulation around my mouth and I feel really hot.  Tony lets me take a long drink and it’s instant rejuvenation. About 5k to go the speed dies.  we start to get swarmed and I know we’ll need to keep our position so I nail the front to string it out a bit more before the downhill and turn.  Who chases me?  Hagens.  Does he come through?  Nope.  Recycled does though and we are hammering again.  As I fall back in the little kid from Hagens runs right into me.  Just blatant idiocy and not paying attention.  Some of the guys yell at him, I’m trying to get back under control and go from 10-30th wheel in 2 seconds.  We hit the turn and all of IJM makes it through.  Sitting good and all 5 of us next to each other… gonna be a great lead out!  We hit the base of the first roller and it happens. HUGE pile up.  Tony goes down (on his new bike!) Aaron puts it in the ditch, Brad endo’s into the pile… and I do something retarded.  I look back to make sure the guys are ok and then turn my head back around to see guys on the deck in front of me.  I plow into them and there goes the pack.  Or what’s left of it.  I see Darren is still up there and I was able to jump back on my bike  I pass a few people on the second roller but it’s over, D gets 9th and I get 29th.  Aaron, Brad and Tony limp in.  No damage done to the machinery and Tony only lost a set of shorts.

Turns out they DID DQ the Lenovo kid for Neutral roll out infraction.  That moves us all up one spot and makes for one pissed off (and almost in tears) kids.  Roll out infraction or not… that was an amazing performance.  I say give him the points and let him enjoy the cat 2’s.  Really, who’s fault is it?  The lead car gunned it from the start.  Doesn’t the car control lead out?

BAck at the car I chugged a bottle of water and a Corona that Tony gave me.  I was well on track for recovery and all I needed was a cheeseburger and I’d be set.

Good times.  Next race for me (not counting PR or Seward) is Enumclaw Omnium.  Haven’t decided if I’m doing the whole thing or not, guess I need to make up my mind soon.

Great job by my teammates in all categories, especially RC in Masters AB getting 3rd.  

Rock on!

Race – 56 miles, rolling narrow roads light breeze and sunny

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 q rings Easton EC90 Aero wheels

Breakfast – Pasta, cottage cheese,  coffee, HEED

Race food – 1/2 a powerbar, bag of shot blocks and 1 small bottle of water

Max HR 201

Avg HR 157



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  • Great report! You look like a fish out of water on this pic:

    Where does Lenovo finds such kids? The guy has won like 10 races this season already! Though I suspect he races like it’s a mountain bike race. I think he was the one who hit in from the start in Longbranch race, but got caught shortly after. Anyway he’ll be in 2s before June is over.

    Dessa — May 11, 2009 at 3:17 pm
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