You’re Searching For What?

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If you are a site owner like myself you probably have some sort of analytics chugging along, gathering data from the traffic to your site.  For the site it’s more of a tool for me than what I look at on my blog but it’s always fun to look back and see what search words an individual used to find themselves staring at my life.

Some normal search words are of course

  • Brian Snyder
  • Brian Snyder Race Photo
  • Thumbprint Team
  • Racing

Then there are searches for my friends or family

  • Rosanna Snyder MS
  • Evan Snyder Blog
  • Brad Kilcline Crash
  • Cathy Varland Mason Lake Video
  • Guy Tucker Track Racer

Finally are the ones that I seriously get a chuckle out of:

  • Damiano Cunego urinating
  • Chad Gerlac cats hill
  • Buy Midwife Bicycle
  • What are cows? Cows for Dummies
  • Family Bonking
  • Ben Gibbard on drugs and alcohol

Love it!

That’s enough for now… Just know that there are folks looking at what you type in the Google search bar!

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