I Can’t Brain, I Have the Dumb…

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I’ve been a tad upside down lately and apologize for the lack of updates.   It’s been hard to find the time to sit down and type something that people actually understand compared to the gibberish I toss up on my Facebook updates.

I’ve left Cochran, Inc.  It was expected, really, since I was quite vocal in my opposition in the direction they were going.  It would be uncool to describe it all here right now so I’ll give all the details at a later date.  I must say though that my time there with George B, Nate M and a few others was a great period in my career.   Their attitude, knowledge and support have inspired me to jump into where I am now, a company that has a little risk involved but with a lot of hard work and attention to detail, it will be a dominating force in the region.

I’m excited to say the least!  So far I enjoy everyone I work with.  A very passionate group of people commiting to grow a “mom and pop” contractor into a powerful commercial / industrial shop.  It’s fun :-) and just my style.

Racing has taken a back seat right now.  I need to get this handled and get the house in shape before Ro throws me out on the street.  I have been riding alot.   I dropped more weight (159) than expected (mostly from not eating) and feel I have lost a lot of strength in the process, as was well detailed at the Enumclaw Omnium.  Watched my team kill it in a few crits and am looking forward to Boston Harbor and the LWV series.  I might throw down in a few criteriums but they aren’t my favorite.  You only get better by doing them though.

Back to work I go.  Thanks for coming back and checking in on me.  I promise I won’t go this long with out writing again.


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  • I am behind you all the way to support you in everything you do and I would never throw you out on the street! I did the dishes last night…hope you noticed. ;)

    I Love You!


    Rosanna — June 19, 2009 at 9:29 am
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