Sad news on the cycling related news wire

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If you grew up in the cycling world around the mid 80’s as Greg LeMond was starting to shake thinks up in Europe,  You were groomed to hate the French star, Laurent Fignon.  He was the enemy…  His uber cool pony tail.  His round little glasses…


Damn he made every race exciting, though.  In my opinion,even more exciting than Hinault.  That final TT  in the Tour de France will forever be burned into my memory as he fell to the ground after losing the Tour by only 8 seconds.

Well Fignon has another battle brewing, this time with cancer.

Story over at VeloNews

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  • Tough news indeed….but I would really like to know if the doping is involved. You die might be a scary deterrent,

    carrie — June 12, 2009 at 9:20 am
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