Weekend Race Wrap-Up, Capitol Crit and Boston Harbor

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Capitol Crit –

I wasn’t planning on racing Saturday but at the last minute I changed my mind.  As has been well documented throughout my blog, I am NOT a crit racer.  I always feel like I’m hanging on for dear life and am never much help to the team.  Friday night I decided to nut up and toss myself into the fire.  The weather was muggy.  It felt like it was going to dump rain on us at any moment.  In fact during the womens 3 race I did feel a drop or two but that ended up being the only rain for the rest of the afternoon. 

IJM was well represented in the Cat 3 field with: Aaron S, Brad K, Ryan D, Jeff D, Tony B and Brian S.  I really put in a hard warm up which I think made this crit for me. 

To be quite honest, I couldn’t see straight for the first 30 minutes.  I fought to stay in the front / middle of the pack because I knew on this course that if you got gapped off the pack you were pretty much toast.  I locked on to Tony and shadowed him pretty much the entire time.  I popped up front twice, once when Brad had a great gap and then when Aaron was in his break which turned to be the winning group, Aaron killing it for another podium place, 3rd!


Boston Harbor –

This is by far one of my favorite races.  As Jeff D put it, it’s a “longish crit” as it’s a short circuit race at only 40 miles.  small rollers with one quick decentthen an up hill leading to a false flat and then a bombing finish run.  We were rolling a little short with expected IJM racers with Brad, Tony, Jeff and myself.  We needed to change tactics a bit but still knew we would have to watch EVERYTHING Recycled did since it was the second day in a row that they brought a large group.

As was expected Recycled threw guys off the front from the start.  We covered well with a little help from some other squads but it really felt like the IJM/ Recycled show part 2.  They were either chasing us or we were chasing them and the rest of the pack would just follow.  We were flying… The pace never really let up with the exception of a couple times on the backside before another set of attacks.

It was pretty good game of cat and mouse and Our guys put some serious work in.

Going into the last lap the pack shattered.  The pace was starting to get to folks and we had a break of about 10 off the front with NONE of us in it.  I didn’t have much left in the tank for a good finish so I put everything I had left to put Brad Jeff and Tony back into play


I was cooked and barely hung on to the back of the pack as we caught the break.  we hit the downhill and the quick right/ left turn and ended up losing concentration and rolling into the ditch.  I tried to regain on the backside but the small headwind was pushing me back further and further.  Up the road I could see people getting popped off the back as the pace got faster and faster…


There was a 15 man sprint and the rest of us trickled in.  I had a hard time turning the pedals to the line and was just a little dissapointed that I didn’t make the lead pack.

It was a great weekend with my friends.  We are starting to click together and I think the end of the season and going into next will be fantastic.

Bike – BMC SL01  Neuvation wheels 53-49 x 11-25

I planned on racing the Eastons on Sunday but turned out I hadn’t swapped my 9spd cassette since the Time Trial.  The Neuvations did well though.  I really love those wheels even though they are a tad creaky.  I need to take them in and get them tensioned.

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