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This week has absolutely flown by.  

Saturday I raced the Joe Matava 4th of July crit and absolutely got worked.  Stupid move with 5 to go and got blown straight out the back  Pretty unhappy about it but hey, it happens.  Sunday Rosanna and I hopped on the tandem and rode onto the ferry heading to Southworth.  We basically rode along the water into Port Orchard and up Mitchel Road to see my mom and then back  Good 40 miles with a few good hills.  I SO need a new saddle on that bike. :-)

Tuesday, Tony B and I drove down early to Pacific Raceways and did a fantastic 20 mile warm up before the race.  We actually rode past a house he lived in as a kid.  It was a great route  and we got a chance to catch up.  Brad showed up too for the race and it was us thre against what felt like 35 yellow and black jerseys from the Wine’s crew.  I will admit, they rode smart but in reality, it’s easy to own the field when almost half of it is YOUR team :-)  Good race though.  I finished mid pack and really had a great time.

Took wednesday off to drink beer.  Yup.

Today, Jeff D, Ryan G, John N and I met up for the 6pm Seward Park crit.  HUGE group showed up so we planned to stick at the front to avoid any mishaps.  Unfortunately, Ryan (with those massive legs) tore his damn rear derailleur off on the last lap.  Sucks to be that strong.  I busted my cleat on the small hill sprinting to stay with the lead group on the prime/ 2 to go.  That has NOTHING to do with massive power… they were just really old :-)  It was annoying riding back though after the race… click, click, click…

I’m now onto my second beer for the night, about to eat a Burrito, watch the tour and head off to bed.


Goodnight everyone, stay beautiful.

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  • But how many of those wines guys even saw the wind? 1/3? Lots of serious sitting in being done at PR flats night.

    aj — July 10, 2009 at 7:33 am
  • Mitchel Road was a piece of cake. Let’s do repeats next time… ;)

    Rosanna — July 13, 2009 at 10:06 am
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