Jens Voigt… (updated)

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My heart goes out to big Jens and his family.  That was a nasty fall today at 7okph

Heal quickly-






Good News from Grenoble-

In a statement issued late Tuesday evening, the team said the 37-year-old German is alert, but will remain hospitalized for observation.


“An examination at the University hospital in Grenoble this evening has initially given positive reports on Jens Voigt’s health after the nasty crash during today’s stage of Tour de France. He has incurred a fracture of the right cheekbone and a concussion. For now he is staying at the hospital for further observation.

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  • There always seems to be a constant reminder of how dangerous cycling/racing truly is. I am really sad to hear about this and will pray for Jens and his family.

    Rosanna — July 21, 2009 at 12:59 pm
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