Just a Ride

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Spent the morning repacking the bottom bracket on my ’87 Schwinn Tempo Fixie and then ran a cloth over the frame to pick up the dust and cobwebs. There is something simplistic about it that begs me to toss on the helmet and shoes and just ENJOY the ride. So, after I finished my morning chores I did just that.

It was just a ride.

Spun down 35th Ave SW in my 42X16 which was quite a shock to my sore legs. Thankfully I had a tail wind along the waterfront and into Elliot Bay Park. I was given the rare opportunity to just think… and that’s what I love about lonely days like today. I get to think.

I got to think about the end of the 2009 Road Racing Season. The wins that my friend Aaron got to enjoy and our team effort that helped. I thought about how I left Cochran and took a huge risk by joining the ranks over at another electrical contractor just to be let go as the sour economy pushes it closer and closer to the brink of bankruptcy. I thought of my mom and how happy she is with her husband, a man that I am proud to say is a member of my family. I thought of my brother and his fiance (who finally got him to eat healthy!) I just hope she lets him get a dog soon. I thought of how old Annabelle looks now and how she needs help early in the morning just to get out of bed. I thought of how young Maggie looks but still isn’t half as smart as Annabelle when she was her age. I thought of how nice it’s been since we cancelled our cable TV. I thought of my first cross season and how hard it was, especially when I tried to fit my hamstring between my seat stay and wheel. I thought of my Uncle Rob and my cousins Matt and Ken who I havent seen since 1998. Mostly though, I thought about my wife and her passion for everything she does. Whether it’s work, a new business, art, her cycling team, running… but most of all- how much she does for other people even though they have no idea she does it. It amazes me.

I wish I could be more like that.

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  • Sweet. You getting mushy in your old age, bub? Thank you for the nice words!

    carrie — September 29, 2009 at 7:16 pm
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